Beauty Tips

A life-size child mannequin pros and cons

A life-size child mannequin is designed to store children’s clothing and accessories. But have you ever thought of using a child-sized dummy to practice your beauty skills? Well, this may be considered a life skill, because a small doll has many benefits for a student of makeup. Some shortcomings also exist. To help you best […]


The Easiest Method to Practice Applying Makeup Inside the Head model

If you are a budding cosmetologist or should uncover the simplest way to how you can how to apply makeup correctly, a head model is a great beginning point. Head models provide you with a simple method of practice fundamental makeup application. Obtaining a mannequin enables you to definitely certainly create a couple of mistakes, […]


Why equip stores with full-size Head Model?

There are more things you can do with a full-size mannequin’s Head Model than with a regular wig rack. Most hairstylists generally prefer a larger model head because it has more functionality and applicability. If you’re just starting out in the industry, using this Head Model dummy size may not be particularly important. However, as you begin […]