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A life-size child mannequin pros and cons

A life-size child mannequin is designed to store children’s clothing and accessories. But have you ever thought of using a child-sized dummy to practice your beauty skills? Well, this may be considered a life skill, because a small doll has many benefits for a student of makeup. Some shortcomings also exist. To help you best analyze this idea, we came up with an article that reveals the pros and cons of using real-size child mannequin head model for beauty training.


1. Preserve cosmetics
One benefit of using a child dummy is that you need to use less cosmetics than an adult-sized head model. This allows you to save money on products, but also gives you the opportunity to try more makeup styles during practice.

2. In addition to simple makeup
In the beauty class, removing makeup takes a lot of your time. You cannot start a new style until the previous one is completely removed from the dummy. The more product you use, the longer it will take to get rid of it. If you are using a child dummy, it is much easier to remove makeup because you use less product.

3. Cheaper
If your budget is tight, or you are not sure whether the practice sessions are worth your time and money, you can start with a cheap life-size children’s model. Compared with adult doll heads, you can not only get a lower price, but also save the cost of makeup and removal products because the size of the child model is smaller. You practice for a while, if you decide that you want a beautiful career, you can buy a professional mannequin to get a more realistic makeup experience.

4. Helps to improve accuracy
Another benefit of the child-sized mannequin is that it can train your accuracy. With smaller eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and chicks, the dummy needs more precise and detailed makeup application. Although this may be annoying, it can greatly improve your skills and patience.

5. Portable
Although the adult-sized mannequin head also performs well in terms of portability, the child-sized doll is better because it is smaller and lighter. It requires very little storage space, so you never have to worry about where to put it after finishing makeup. If you must go out with a fake head, you can put it in your backpack without even feeling the burden of it.


1. Unrealistic experience
A child-sized dummy can never give you a completely real makeup application experience. Of course, the doll may be made of realistic fiberglass or PVC, providing a smooth feel like human skin, but this is not enough, as long as its proportions do not meet your job requirements as a professional makeup artist. A life-size adult mannequin will make your training experience as realistic as possible. If you have been working with a small dummy throughout the process, you will have to adapt to the new face shape when you switch to a real customer.

2. More unstable
Since the doll is lighter than the adult mannequin, its stability will decrease when you use it. Moving it from the initial position requires finger push. The only way to stabilize it is to fix it on the bracket. You can even fix it with some double-sided tape because it is very light and does not require much effort to stay in place.

Bottom line
You can easily start practicing makeup skills on a life-size child model. It allows you to save money and spend less time on removing makeup, which will make your course more dynamic. In addition, you can improve your accuracy by applying meticulous makeup on a small child model. However, you do not recommend the use of child dummy during the entire beauty process. Sooner or later you have to change to a life-size adult mannequin to make your experience more realistic and get used to the facial parameters of an adult.