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T-shirts with personalized printing are one of the most requested digital printing products. The reason is simple: they are a perfect idea to make an original and personalized gift, to create personalized clothing with the company brand to wear or give as gadgets during fairs and sector events, to create a work uniform or for a sports team or to create a personalized shirt with a message that represents us.

Personalization is a fast growing consumer trend. The times of the industrial product approved and the same for everyone are long gone, today we are looking for the unique, made-to-measure object. The t-shirt printing is now so popular precisely because it responds to the need for customization, allowing you to create unique and original clothing.

T-shirts with personalized print: materials and fit

There are many digital printing centers that create personalized T-shirts, offering the possibility to create your own garment directly online, sending your own graphics and color preferences. As with any product that is ordered online, it is not possible to first personally verify the quality of what you buy, therefore it is necessary to evaluate some aspects to avoid nasty surprises on delivery.

The first aspect to check is the material with which the shirts are made. The most natural and quality fabric is cotton. An excellent option are the 100% Jersey cotton t-shirts, a soft and very comfortable fabric with a weight of about 150 grams per square meter of fabric. Jersey is an extremely versatile fabric and is used for t-shirts, sportswear, underwear, swimwear and much more. It is made with a knitting process, that is, with the weaving of a thread, obtained with knitting needles, crochet hooks or knitting machines, in which the yarn forms loops or bushes, aligned side by side to form a row.

A second aspect is the fit options: check if the online digital printing service you want to use allows you to choose between cuts for men, women and children. The men’s cut is usually straighter and wider, the women’s one more screwed.

Third aspect, the colors available. Depending on the graphics you want to print on the shirt and the colors of the graphics, you will choose the most suitable background color.

Print on t-shirts: how to make and customize your t-shirt online

Until a few years ago, it was only possible to create personalized printed shirts in high quality, with photos, details and nuances, with the techniques of screen printing or offset printing. This, however, is an expensive technique for small quantities and made it impossible to personalize the single shirt, especially if the graphics had multiple colors.

Thanks to the evolution of digital printing, it is now possible to make prints on T-shirts with the technique of direct printing on fabric, a process that allows you to print directly on the fabric by coloring its fibers and allowing a soft, imperceptible to the touch and lasting print. The result is an imperceptible, vivid print, with defined details and bright colors.

Direct printing on fabric offers numerous advantages:

  • No minimum order. Unlike offset printing, there are no matrices to be made and initial costs to be amortized, so it is possible to customize even a single shirt at a low cost
  • No limit of colors, shades or details
  • Soft and lasting print, because the fibers of the fabric are directly colored.
  • Respect for the environment, thanks to the use of biodegradable inks

Direct printing on fabric with latest generation technologies and with certified, non-toxic and biodegradable water-based inks is almost imperceptible to the touch and allows you to customize T-shirts with very high quality results, rich in shades of color, respecting the environment and without minimum quantities to order.

To order a t-shirt with personalized print online, just choose the model (short sleeve crew neck for man, woman or child), the size (from S to XXL), the color among those available (brilliant print on any color chosen) and the area print (center chest, center back or both sides).

Once you have chosen these options, you will have to send the graphic file to the print center. Here are some tips for setting it up correctly:

How to take care of your t-shirt with personalized print?

The personalized T-shirt must be washed inside out at a temperature of 30 °, the first washing must be carried out after at least 72 hours from the receipt of the shirt. Do not use bleach or aggressive chemicals. Do not dry in direct sunlight or in direct contact with the radiator. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.

Keep your shirt away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Why print personalized t-shirts?

The personalized t-shirt is the ideal solution for many occasions, here are some ideas:

To make an original and exclusive gift

You can give a personalized t-shirt for Valentine’s Day with a romantic photo of a couple, or for a friend’s birthday with a phrase from her favorite writer

To create a shirt that reflects your style

You can customize your wardrobe by creating t-shirts with graphics designed by you or quotes that represent you

To give personality to an event or a party

Create funny and witty shirts for a bachelorette party, a graduation party or a special birthday

To promote your company during fairs, events and promotional activities

Wearing a shirt with your brand will make your team instantly recognizable. You can also print personalized tshirt printing to give to visitors to your stand

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To make a uniform for your employees

If you have a bar, restaurant or clothing store, you can create original personalized shirts for your employees

To create the jersey of a sports team

Team spirit starts with the colors of the shirts! With the printing of personalized shirts, you can create the uniform of your running group or your football team.

T-shirts with personalized print: unleash your imagination

The technique of direct printing on fabric allows today to make printing on T-shirts easily, quickly and economically. The quality of t-shirts with personalized printing is always higher, thanks to the use of materials such as jersey and non-toxic and biodegradable water-based inks, which allow you to create t-shirts with a soft, imperceptible and durable print. You just have to unleash your imagination, creating a beautiful graphic or writing to create your print on t-shirts online!

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