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Indian Traditional homes: design and decorating ideas

India- a land of diverse language, culture, beliefs, and tradition. One can find a wide range of traditional difference if moving from East to West or North to south. This culture mix can also be seen in Indian homes.

So when we talk about traditional Indian homes, our thinking move towards villages where there are big houses, with all the traditional décor. An Indian style interior design is one of the most exotic, interesting and complex decor styles. But then it is limited to small cities or rural areas only. Due to the space crunch, such bigger houses become a dream for those living in big cities. But with some essential tips, you can give your home a fully traditional look which will make your dream come true of living in a traditional world. So, let’s check out what to keep in mind while designing your home in the traditional way:

Paint with bright colours

Vibrant colours are the most important element of traditional Indian homes. You can opt for bright tones like yellows, oranges, brown, dark blue and violet colors for walls. In order to enhance the theme more, flooring can be done in contrast colours.

Traditional cabinets/almirahs

Just like colours, traditional cabinets or almirahs too are essential elements in enhancing your interior décor. They are a great combination of functionality as well as aesthetics. Paint them in bright wooden colours or embellish them with mirrors, stone, ivory or metal and they will perfectly suit to any of your space especially bedrooms or drawing rooms.

Design an Indian Pooja room

These types of Pooja room look similar to temples. You need to have a small free place where you can design a door frame and infuse it with dark colours. Use some dark colour tiles outside with bright interiors. A small window pane right above the deity will allow natural light to illuminate the room while good ventilation is necessary if rituals like hawan take place at home.

Solid Wood Furniture

Now, this is an essential element to keep in mind while decorating your home traditionally. Such furniture can be bought from traditional furniture market which is full of carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory.

Traditional handicrafts

Handcrafted potteries, artifacts, dhurries, traditional embroidery items are some of the essential elements which give a perfect traditional look to your modern home.  Pieces such as brass lamps and pots can be used as functional metallic accents.

Handmade fabrics

India has unique textile culture which has high quality of traditional patterns stored in it. Peacock motifs, geometrical patterns, weaving work are some of the excellent works which are popular all over India as well as world too.  So why not bring them to your home to enhance the traditional look.  They can be used in a number of creative ways like long, flowing drapes for windows, bed sheets for double bed or diwan; cushion covers etc. can create a homey, fluid feel to any space.


Traditional Indian paintings are a colourful portrayal of ancient texts and theories. In rural homes, it is common to have paintings in households in the doorways or indoor rooms where guests resided. So bring these paintings to your home and brighten up your interiors with fresh perspective.

So start playing with these versatile Indian Homes and their interior designing tips to enhance the beauty of your traditionally.