How Does Yoga Reduce Stress

Whether it is the personal or professional life, the amount of stress exhibits on our mind and body make us grow sick and welcome many diseases to our body.

In order to combat the amount of stress, there are multiple measures, and out of all one of the proven strategies is Yoga.

It is scientifically proven, that Yoga is a natural stress reliever and its various poses bring the best result or the stress. Eventually, stress causes the physical tension, like a pain in the shoulder/neck and to other body parts as well.

Hence when Yoga is performed then it relieves the tension around our body parts which hold the most tension. A healthy yoga practice is a great way to reduce stress, calm the mind, and stay in shape.

Whether we follow an energy-draining office job or a hectic school schedule or nonstop family responsibilities, there are a few ways yoga can reduce your stress:


Manages Cortisol

Our body releases a hormone Cortisol, as the body’s response to combat stress; which is a steroid hormone. In the event of excessive stress, the body releases the increased level of cortisol, which towards the end raises blood sugar, decrease the immune system’s effectiveness, and change our metabolic process.

Consequently, the rise in these 3 systems leads the body to experience more stress. With Yoga, your body calms down and mind reaches a peaceful state and the side-effects of the hormone are managed.


Relaxes Mind

In the most stressful situations, our mind turns into busy and is unable to focus. However mind-focusing is one of the most difficult situations one can experience, but yoga eases down this journey to a larger extent.

With we hold the yoga postures, following a sequence then everything around us, start to focus and slow down for our betterment. Over the time, when we repeat the practice our mind develops a habit towards a more relaxed internal state.

Elevates Mood

The burden of emotions our mind always carries, and during stress, the negative flow of emotions; tension, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion are some of the most common emotions. With Yoga practicing our body creates a connection between mind & body and yield out the very positive results by addressing the body’s reaction to such mood factors and elevates the overall mood.

The main element of Yoga practicing is the stress-reduction; therefore practicing Yoga is the best way to come out of the tumultuous journey of stress. However, it is equally important to choose the best Yoga mat, as the texture and comfort of the mat trigger the stress-relieving factors.

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