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Himalayan Adventure Trips Offers You Safe Bijli Mahadev Cycling Expedition After COVID 19

New Delhi, India: Corona Virus pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and the way we travel anywhere freely. It has been around much longer than anyone had anticipated. Our generation saw something that could never have imagined – Complete Lockdown, not only in India but almost more than 70% of the countries in the World. While it helps slow the contamination but we all know it can not remove from the Coronavirus. Slowly the lockdowns began to be appointed for bringing extraordinary slowness in the economy. In India, we are seeing all the good spirits for help and support each other in this difficult time. However, given the vastness of our country and Socio-economic diverse structures, we should see some sad pictures in the streets and from the hospital. The fight is still on, and we all take care to keep ourselves and our families safe from COVID-19.

Adjusting our travel with new normal:

More than half a year has passed since global connectivity has been destroyed due to the outbreak of COVID 19. Now, its time to make the travel practical and be cautious reopen the travel to offbeat places with a high amount of safety measures to be followed by us as well as by you.

We have got you the safest Naggar to Bijli Mahadev Cycling with all the precautions. Now, we all have sufficient knowledge about the safety protocols to be stay away from the virus.  We have put together all of them for you to ensure that you have next-level fun in Bijli Mahadev cycling but not risking your health.

Himalayan adventure trips COVID 19 safety protocol:

  • Private groups or families will be allowed 
  • Maximum group of 10 known people
  • Private cabs will be provided  to and from trek base
  • Regular monitoring
  • Daily  temperature checks of all employees and trekkers
  • Contactless paperwork and booking
  • Mandatory Sanitization Before Entry
  • Sanitized Accommodation, Linens & Equipment
  • Wearing a face mask will be mandatory for all trekkers and our team members
  • extra precautionary hygiene for safe dining
  • Hot drinking water will be provided all time

Keep the adventure high in Bijli Mahadev:

Bijli Mahadev cycling expedition is among the best summer tours suitable for every age group. It offers you the marvelous views of the mighty Himalayas. The location of the Bijli Mahadev is breathtaking. Your cycling revel to Bijli Mahadev is incomplete if you have missed the beautiful view of Parvati valley and Kullu Valley. From the top of the mountain, you can see that the whole effort filled with cycling passion, mountain sighting, and more are worth your time

About Himalayan adventure trips:

Himalayan Adventure Trips is your premier tour and travel company. They have been working in the travel industry for 5 years and have earned a good reputation amongst the leading adventure companies in the Northern Himalayas. They are committed to providing superior customer service by delivering a first-class experience for your next travel adventure. They know how much you cherish your vacations, so they give their best to make your next travel experience the best. We strive to provide authentic North India tour packages for anyone who wants to know more about the country.