Discriminate Your Products with Spot UV Finishing Boxes:

Spot UV is an eminent finishing technique that involve a clear, shiny coating applied on the boxes for an eye-catching look. This finishing is use for protecting the printed elements from varnishing due to ultraviolet light. High-gloss UV coating give a shiny and vibrant look to the boxes and add luxurious appeal in them. It is perfect choice for business cards, brochure covers, and recyclable material.

Addition of spot UV finishing on custom packaging boxes make printed elements more prominent. You can add UV coating at any specific ‘spot’ as you require adding shinny effect to that specific area. You can just apply it on printed logo or title of custom boxes as a protective layer. You can also apply it to the whole box. Now day people require Spot UV printing because it is more environmental friendly than others are.

Custom Spot UV boxes for Boosting Sales:

It is getting hard to beat all rivals and come at the top of market because of high competition in today’s market. To survive this you have to come up with best packaging solutions. Most of the newly launched brands have come on the top because they are utilizing Spot UV finishing as a source of effective promotion and marketing of their products. Spot UV coating provide your custom packaging boxes a magnificent look. These boxes are perfect solution for marketing your products and increase sales.

Spot UV finishing make standardized items look more glorious and attractive by packaging them in UV coated boxes. It add a pattern to boxes and provide a magnificent outlook. Spot UV finishing add luxurious feel to the packages that attract customers and allure them to buy. Even an ordinary thing packed in spot UV coated custom packaging boxes can perceive a high value. Spot UV packaging boxes help you boost sales and beat others in competition. It is great for all retail, cosmetic, apparel, and valuable products. You can have any shape, style, size, and pattern, as you require. Spot UV finishing keep packaging save from dirt, ultraviolet radiations, oil stains, and other harmful elements. It maintains the quality of printing and material make it easy to recycle.

Attractive Add-one Options:

Spot UV finished custom packaging boxes can be styled according to your desire. You can add things of likings to give your product packaging an attractive feel. There are many options that make your custom boxes unique mentioned as follow:

  • Material
  • Printing
  • Die cutting
  • Finishing

Material is the most basic thing in product packaging. While selecting material keep in mind the product protection, it should be sturdy enough to hold product safely without any fallout. Choose what best suites to your product and present it with way that is more effective. Eco-friendly packaging material is one of the best option that can be recycle and reuse repeatedly. By applying Spot UV, coating these materials remain able to reuse. Due to Spot UV coating, these materials remain secure from destroying elements and able to recycle.

Printing is one of the best tool for marketing of your products. It connects you with audience emotionally and earn their trust. Quality printing boost your sale and improve brand reputation. You can add colors of your choice and print them inside out of boxes. Most of the people do spot UV printing on their boxes. The reason behind is that Spot UV printing do not vanish or damage because of dazzling rays of sun or any other source.

Die cutting is the process in which custom packaging boxes are styled. You can have any style you want for boxes. You can add a window or turn it into sleeve boxes. Add inserts in custom packaging boxes for making partitions. Add a hang tab at the top to make it easy for customers to hold products. You have variety of boxes design and select one. If you feel like you have something unique for that box in mind to make your packaging boxes stand out in the market. All depends on you!

Along with the spot UV finishing, you can add extra finishing options before this. You can emboss or deboss logo or brand name on any side of boxes. On top of that, you can apply spot UV finishing. You can add bows, ties, or ribbons for unforgettable unboxing experience to the customers.


Spot UV finishing on custom packaging boxes help ensure to provide splendid outlook and enhance visual appeal. In order to get perfect packaging boxes with spot UV finishing you need to connect with a reliable packaging company. Emenac Packaging New Zealand is one of the best packaging company in United State that provide customers with full satisfaction. With the company’s experts help you can build your own design that you desire. They provide best packaging solutions that help to promote your brand name.