YouTube On Its Way To Become The Most Visited Social Network In US

The scandal with Cambridge Analytica may have been bad for Facebook’s popularity, but shareholders should start to worry, according to similar research, with the social media network on track to lose its top spot on YouTube in the United States is.

Data reported by CNBC showed that Facebook had 4.7 billion monthly visits in July, while YouTube recorded 4.5 billion views. In a two-year span, the video platform placed its traffic results at more than 4 billion, while interest in Facebook decreased almost twice in two years.

The latter two are on track to change locations, though the change is not as drastic as the battle for 2nd place.

Google remains a huge leader with more visits than the combined four websites due to its search functions. The analysis reported that people visiting the website mostly declined as people are now relying on various platforms such as voice and app search, but are still loyal to the Mountain View company.

Facebook is developing in a lot of markets overseas, but the domestic scene is terrible for Mark Zuckerberg and company. Users are now expanding their visits and time on several of the company’s platforms, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, where an average user spends 27 minutes to 56 minutes a year ago.

 YouTube remains interested in its platform due to availability on a number of platforms such as Chromecast and Smart TV, while Yahoo is moving down the opposite direction for a very reason – not being able to keep up with current trends and stay relevant due to tradition.

While all other sites in the top 5 receive 90% of revenue from advertising, Amazon is the only platform that brings 75% of its income from actual transactions due to its nature of being a retailer. Jeff Bezos’ company overtook Yahoo in July 2018 and Prime Day in July 2020, which was happening in the middle of the month. Similarly, rising interest is predicted and if the current trend in user behavior continues, Amazon will soon be ahead of Yahoo on a daily basis.