Why Residential Schools are becoming a trend?

Many of us never got the chance to attend a residential school. Lack of good and reasonably priced residential schools was one of the primary reasons for the decision. In earlier times, only education was of paramount importance, irrespective of the distance and time of commutation. Thus, there used to be extensive interview rounds, even for nursery admissions. The selection of the process used to be very tough as only a limited number of seats was available.

Then came the trend where kinder garden schools came into the picture. They took away the limelight as children attending those were little better versed with the basics and thus use to clear the admission process with much ease. In the years gone by, we all witnessed a drastic shift in the complete education process. Nowadays, every prominent brand has a pre-primary school running under its umbrella. Each prestigious school has opened its branches in many localities to attract more students. Last but not least, today, residential schools have become a trend for many millennial parents.

For most people, boarding schools were always a far placed school, with scary discipline and strict faculty. It always signified a place that lacked the emotions and warmth of family. Although it won’t be wrong to say that residential schools of today have managed to change the outlook towards them completely. They not only provide good education but also look into the aspects of developing the overall personality of all their students. These days they are not even far away from the cities, which makes them easily accessible to a lot of urban parents.

Every student learns various life skills in these schools, which makes them independent and confident in their skin. The discipline implemented in these residential schools works in a positive way to shape up the child’s future. The learned and experienced teachers are very attentive and careful about a child’s mindset. They give individual attention to students and help them in coping up with umpteen struggles and pressure. Residential schools save the commutation time, thus providing more time for the kids to play and engage in several activities of their choice.

The idea of sending your kid amidst unknown people scares a lot of us. In fact, the safety and security in today’s scenario are of grave concern. Vedas International School is one such school that successfully surpasses all the doubts in every parent’s mind with assurance and confidence. It is the best CBSE residential school in Delhi/NCR. It has the most secure premises in Sohna Road, which makes it one of the top schools in Gurgaon. Its widespread property gives a fulfilling campus life to all the boarders by inculcating in them the love for arts, music, dance, painting, puppetry, clay work, and weaving.

Vedas International School boasts of an artistically designed campus with a fair amount of open space to allow natural light and pure air. The entire campus is well maintained and designed to inspire the students and faculty. The teaching faculty and staff there aspires to shape a child’s psychology by making learning fun. All the right habits, etiquettes, culture, ethics, etc. are engraved in the young hearts and minds, by their experiential teaching methods. The school’s innovative methods of teaching aim to make each student a successful global citizen, ready to take the various challenges of life.