Why equip stores with full-size Head Model?

There are more things you can do with a full-size mannequin’s Head Model than with a regular wig rack. Most hairstylists generally prefer a larger model head because it has more functionality and applicability. If you’re just starting out in the industry, using this Head Model dummy size may not be particularly important.

However, as you begin to configure advanced hair products, you will eventually see the benefits of them. Choosing the right model for your store shouldn’t be a hassle as long as you choose the option that provides the most versatility in your budget. In this article, we will discuss how to make the full-size mannequin head the first choice.

Choose the full sizeHead Model advantage

1. Flexible hair size choices

Modern wigs come in different shapes and sizes for hairstylists to wear with a variety of hairstyles. Using a fullHead Model allows you to wear a wig of almost any kind or quality, as it can accommodate most new hair. In fact, some wigs may not be suitable for this kind of head dummy. However, it’s more convenient to have a larger dummy, because you’ll rarely find a wig that doesn’t fit. A smaller wig head should not be chosen if the dummy is intended to be more flexible with the head doll.

In addition to the full-size mannequin head providing better hair volume, the adjustable mannequin is even better.

Full-size adjustable or collapsible head models may combine the best selection of various wigs.

The add-on feature makes it ideal for wigs wearers, as it can be folded up and stored when not in use.

Therefore, you can apply the product to a variety of hairstyles, but also portable storage.

Visibility 2.

What better way to display the many hair products with absoluteHead Model models? The general use of the head involves displaying hair care products that might draw attention to themselves. You don’t have to sell the wig on display at a discount by using a regular wig rack, because they don’t offer the best visibility option. Allows your visitors to start buying certain wigs simply by looking at the various displays in the distance.

The head profile should also be readily available, as some of your customers may want to learn about your hair products before continuing to purchase one or more.

Large dummies wear almost all wigs, so they give you a variety of options for your clients to use.

Not all potential buyers will be convinced by looking at a beautiful wig on your mannequin: they may also want to get a feel for how hair stays on their head.

3. Better modeling practices

The most common reason people buy a dummy head is to put a wig on display or to store it safely. However, full head models can also be used to learn hairstyles. Since we can’t experiment with random human heads or learn new hairstyles, mannequins provide the ideal solution. Not all hairstyles can be done with a regular wig rack, as many hairstyles are only suitable for displaying wig products. Therefore, the stylist would rather choose the best human model that can satisfy more purposes.

These mannequin heads provide a microcosm alternative to braiding or fixing hair, as they are designed in a manner similar to the human head. Although they are more expensive than regular wig frames, these products justify their price by allowing you to style multiple strands of hair. Unlike the human head, a full mannequin has a relaxed, less tender feel to it, even if you make a mistake or have to get a makeover.


In determining the most suitable head, you must investigate which one offers enough functionality to meet your budget. The full-size mannequin head is a head that allows you to apply a variety of hair accessories. It has various functions, including being able to wear any hair, properly displaying hair products and being used as a hair styling tool. Although this hairstyle model has different qualities, you should equip the hairstyle that best matches your store’s current hairstyle plan.