Why Does Sleeping On a New Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Back pain is a sensitive condition common for many people who are not prone to abrupt changes. Slight changes in their daily routine might affect their back. New mattresses can be a pain during the first few weeks, as they might be too sturdy or too soft to sleep on. Sleepless nights and that new mattress off-gassing is just too unbearable. Mattress in a box UK provides guides before purchase accordingly.

The List of Reasons Why New Mattresses Cause Back Pain

Here are the possible reasons as to why you experience tossing and turning all night with a fine back, and then a sore back when you wake up the next morning.

Your Old Mattress Might be a Bad Choice

It does not always mean every change is a bad one. Perhaps the mattress you had for years was treating your back un-well. Now when you have a new mattress, the stiffened and firm surface of the mattress might be a better choice for the body. Even chiropractors suggest new mattresses can be effective if your body has been on a sagging old mattress too long.

Mattress too Soft

Adults who are not used to soft surfaces may get uncomfortable with new soft mattresses. The spine is in a curve all night long. The alignment of the back disturbs sleep and causes upper back pain when you wake up. Soft mattresses are also the reason many people get lazier to get out of bed. The body well-adjusted in the polyester takes a while to get out and get back to the original shape of the spine. This is somewhat unhealthy for the body, as too much back pain will need therapy if the mattress is not changed.

Mattress too Hard

The body’s lower back pain is dependent upon the mattress being too hard. This is the alignment of the pelvic section of the body and the hips, which get more than normal pressure on them all night. This ultimately results in a sore back in the morning. The continuous lower back makes it difficult to bent and work.

New Mattress Takes Time

The body is already used to the old mattress from past years. It takes time for the body to adjust itself to a new surface. Approximately, it takes 30 to 90 days for a body to pick up a habit. A few back pains may result in the first few weeks, and then the body gets used to this one as well.

Specially Designed Mattresses for Back Pain

If you are already a back pain patient, you might need to check the extra features of the new mattress. Either the new mattress has a cool gel layer or it is latex in nature. Memory foams are a beneficial choice for people having back pains. Ultimate hybrid mattresses can reduce sore back pain due to the combination of memory plush and airbase. Other such mattresses are eco-friendly and user-friendly for old aged adults.

This was all about new mattresses, their problems and possible reason.

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