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White Hat Academy: Helping Young Talents Shine In The Digital Space With Top Courses

The online world is becoming more popular, creating many chances for companies and providers of different services to reach a wider audience and grow their businesses. But this fast expansion also shows a big shortage of experts who have the skills and knowledge to operate in the digital landscape. White Hat Institute is a leading institution, providing complete education through online courses in India that are in high demand and can help you land a job sooner than other sectors.

The wide range of courses offered by White Hat Academy

The White Hat Institute responds to this demand by offering a variety of courses that help people achieve a successful career in the years to come. Here are the top courses offered by the institution.

Digital marketing course:

With businesses growing online at a rapid pace, the demand for digital marketing is also growing, especially in India. The digital marketing course by White Hat Academy offers internet marketing strategies spanning a month with 16 classes. Students will learn the basics of digital marketing, including domain and hosting, the importance of the search engine results page, search engine marketing, the basics of SEO, and much more.

Course fee: Rs. 8500/- + 18% GST.

UI Design Course:

UI/UX and web design are things that are going to boom a lot more in the coming years. The UI design course by White Hat Academy is divided into three categories where students can learn about the concepts of UI/UX, the basics of Figma, the practical experience of website design, and more.

Course free: Rs. 5000-6000/- + 18% GST for beginner level, Rs. 7500/- + 18% GST for advanced level

SAP course:

Among IT professionals, SAP has been garnering much attention in recent years, and for all the right reasons. SAP-certified professionals are highly paid in the industry and are a skill that will be required by businesses in the future. White Hat Academy offers a comprehensive course that will teach students about various aspects of SAP, including ABAP, ABAP with HANA, BASIS, SAP HANA 2.0, SAP BW HANA, SAP FICO, SD, MM, and more.

Students will get 100% job assurance and the chance to get a paid internship after completing the SAP course successfully. Successful candidates are also eligible to appear for SAP Global Certification by SAP Inc.

WordPress course:

White Hat Academy is offering the opportunity to master the most popular CMS in the world through its WordPress training course. In the 16-hour course, students will learn the fundamentals of WordPress along with settings, themes, pages, posts, and everything else needed to master the software.

Course fee: Rs. 7500/- + 18% GST

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About White Hat Academy:

Based in Kolkata, White Hat Academy is a leading training institution that provides online and offline training through more than 10 in-demand courses. The company is a sister company of SERP Consultancy and is led by the founder and CEO, Prodosh Kundu.