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You may be searching for a shop for lease in Sydney since you’re building a brand-new facility, and you may be thinking about remodeling an existing kitchen. In either case, designing a kitchen that will allow you to run your catering business more efficiently can be frightening, and you might not even know where to begin. 

Although the commercial kitchens for sale Sydney are precisely the same, there are a few fundamental stages everyone should take when beginning the journey toward the ideal design. These might not be as fascinating as planning where to set equipment & counters, but they’re vital not to skip. If you do so, you will almost certainly be required to return at a later time to make improvements that will be both time-consuming and costly. 

You’re getting ahead of yourself if you’re contemplating designs before establishing your menu or, at the very least, ascertaining what kind of cuisine you’ll be serving. You’re getting ahead if you haven’t done either of those things. 

To properly evaluate the requirements of your kitchen, the very first step is to get a good understanding of your menu. There is no such thing as a standard kitchen that is suitable for use in all types of food service establishments. Sure, there are specific classics of commercial kitchen design you’ll probably need no matter what, like prep tables plus washing stations; however, the equipment you use and the method in which you organize it will have a lot to do with the cuisine you want to serve. 

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While putting together your kitchen, commercial kitchen builders are dedicated to supplying you with designs and materials of the highest possible quality. is unlike other classic contractors in that we do not perform the processes of laminating, pasting and edge binding by hand. Instead, these tasks are carried out in the factory, where they are perfected. The problems you generally face, such as breaking off edge bindings, unevenly laminated surfaces, loose fittings of cabinets, etc., won’t arise when you use them with your modular kitchen design. 

Our team carefully considers every project’s unique specifications. Whether it be the design style, the elevation of the house members, or anything else, everything is personalized on our end by specialists.

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Rent a kitchen
Rent a kitchen
With over 34 years as a professional Chef & after owning & operating 4 different national supply food businesses we recognised an opportunity in the industry to help other food businesses solve what is often a difficult hurdle to overcome i.e. finding a suitable commercial food production