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Where can you get lipstick wholesale beauty products?

Where is the source of authentic large brand lipstick wholesale beauty products agent?
Brand lipstick wholesale beauty products supply – counter
Similar to imported brand perfume, the imported brand lipstick counter is also one of the channels for many merchants to purchase. Different from consumers’ thinking experience, the counter can provide wholesale brand lipstick, but the threshold is relatively high, and the requirements for contacts are also stricter. Take a brand counter in the first-tier city of Beijing as an example. If the quarterly order volume can reach 5 million, lipstick can be wholesale at a discount.
Brand lipstick agent purchase channel – agent purchase
In the era of the Internet, the real purchasing agent can do anything. As long as it is available abroad, they can buy it back for you. So many merchants with low volumes of goods and low requirements for the stability of the supply will choose to buy lipstick from the agent. However, this channel is not applicable to those customers who make lipstick machines or have a great demand, because purchasing on behalf of others cannot guarantee a stable supply of goods. Reminder: Care carefully to identify whether it is a real purchasing agent, rather than those who pass off high imitation lipstick.
Large brand lipstick delivery channel – physical store
The physical stores mentioned here include but are not limited to brand counters and physical chain stores. For example, Dior, Chanel, and other brands have direct sales counters in China. These counters are a purchase channel. There are also some domestic chain brand physical stores, such as Sephora. These delivery channels can provide authentic lipstick wholesale beauty products, and some stores can also provide invoices. However, the purchase price of this channel is on the high side and the profit margin is low. Take Dior 999 color number as an example, the purchase price of this channel is as high as 270 yuan, only about 40-50 lower than the retail price.
Brand lipstick purchase channel – e-commerce
Some businesses, with the mentality of making domestic products, look for brand lipstick wholesale beauty products from the e-commerce B2B platform. However, 95% of the products sold here are fake and highly imitated. Careful, we can see that on a well-known B2B platform, the lipstick they put on the shelf is only a picture, no product name, even an English name.
Lipstick machine lipstick purchase – trading company
Like the imported perfume industry, there are also many trade companies supplying big brand lipstick wholesale beauty products in China. However, it should be noted that these trading companies provide duty-free versions of the source of goods, that is, the industry said that the water goods. Their purchase channel is generally to cooperate with foreign counters and take goods from foreign brand counters to sell in China.