Where can I sell an amazon gift card in Nigeria?

If you’re interested in selling an Amazon gift card in Nigeria, there are several opportunities. You could use a gift trading website or platform, for example. You could also locate a private buyer and sell them your Amazon gift card, but this may carry higher risks. It’s better to opt for a reputable website that will offer to buy your gift card directly and securely.

What’s the best website to sell an Amazon gift card in Nigeria?


The best website for selling Amazon gift cards in Nigeria is GC Buying. You can exchange your gift card for the cash value in naira. You are then free to use this money however you see fit. GC Buying is secure and will buy a range of gift cards from top brands including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Sephora, and eBay. It’s the most reliable way to trade your Amazon gift card online.


How does GC Buying work?


Using GC Buying to sell an Amazon gift card is incredibly straightforward. It’s easy to register and once you’ve set up your account, you can trade your gift cards for an instant payment in naira. In order to set up an account, you will need to assign a bank account to receive payments. This is very simple to do and after registering you will be able to control all your transactions from one very user-friendly dashboard.

If you have a gift card you would like to sell for its cash value, you simply go to your dashboard and click on the option to sell gift cards. You then enter the details of your gift card and wait for confirmation. You will automatically receive a credit of its total value in naira on the dashboard, which you can then withdraw into your bank account whenever you please. By clicking “withdraw now” you can the money sent to your account via online banking. The entire process only takes minutes to complete.


What are the benefits of selling an Amazon gift card online?

There are several benefits of selling an Amazon gift card online. Mainly you’ll have the freedom to spend the money how you like, rather than being restricted to one website. This means you can use the cash value of a gift card whenever and however you prefer. You won’t have to worry about it having an expiry date and you can save the money in your bank account to spend later.

GC Buying makes it secure and simple to exchange your gift cards for the balance in naira. You can trade them in and instantly receive the money directly in your bank account. If you have received an unwanted Amazon gift card, this is the most convenient way to cash it in. You can rest assure the website is secure and you won’t need to contact any unknown buyers yourself. GC Buying will deal with the entire process for you. If you would like further information about selling Amazon gift cards online, find out more today.