What you need to know about training PVC Head

People notice our hair first, so human hair is needed to train model heads. It sounds strange at first, but when you understand the functions of training mannequins, you’ll appreciate them better. Hair can not only enhance our sense of beauty, but it can also complement other personal traits such as our confidence levels.

PVC Head training models can help designers get the job done while also improving their skills. Please note that the best beauty parlors use the best hair models in their training sessions. That’s why we detail everything you need to know about hair models.

What is a hair model?

They are also called dummies, mannequins, or forms of dress. Mannequins are used as hairstyle models by students in hairstyle schools. This type of model is used to display different hair types in department stores.

Due to their widespread use in the beauty industry, hair models have been added. Note that the different hair used in this mannequin comes from sources such as animal fur, human mane, straight hair, synthetic hair and blends.

PVC Head is often used by students at the Hair School, whose aim is to train the best hairstylists to design and cut real hair. Synthetic hair models get their hair from thin filaments that are made by machines to create lifelike hair. Hair is often used in conjunction with accessories such as wig dryers, tripods and foams to create the perfect work.

What makes hair models important?

PVC Head training model head is not available in today’s naturally unspoken. Mannequins represent a reasonable alternative to using a real human head, and have some unique advantages.

The head of the beauty model has a hole in the base that connects to the stand. This makes them perfect for displaying hats and wigs. These models can also be used as a basis when practicing new coloring and cutting hairstyles to give the ideal taste and taste. They are also ideal for apprentices who learn to cut, straighten, fix, weave and mark using heated tools.

What should you pay attention to in a hair model?

When dealing with hair models, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

Before you buy, you need to know the type of hair your model can accommodate. Hair models that can accommodate different types of hair (such as animal, human and artificial) are ideal. It can be used for various training courses and to show different hair.

The next important thing to consider when obtaining a mannequin is the material from which it is made. Hair models made of wear-resistant materials are ideal. Such mannequins can be used for a long time.

The cost of the model buying the hair is another important factor to consider before buying. You can enter the best quality mannequins without breaking into a bank.

The type of model’s head

Knowing the various models of mannequins can save you the stress and resources of trial and error. The first was a styrene styrofoam model head, used to display items such as wigs.

The second type is a canvas block model head made with PU foam and canvas covering. This type of mannequin head has mounting holes for standing without the use of a clamp. The third type of mannequin head is PE mannequin head, which is made of PE material and is hollow inside.

Others include PVC models, which can also be worn with wigs, and fiberglass models.


The final choice of the best PVC Head training model head depends on the difference in quality. Be aware, however, that using a mannequin can reduce the stress of learning on the job. However, for you to make the best choices in this area, you need to have the right type of information.