What makes Memory Foam the best mattress choice for winters?

One of the major drawbacks with most of the traditional mattresses was that they failed in temperature regulation. They were either too hot to sleep in or too cold and inflexible. In an age, when one can buy mattress in a box online, the modern day mattresses have overcome these issues with their innovative designs and technologies such as the cooling gel and crystals.

Among the several popular mattresses today, Memory Foam finds a special place due its unique characteristics such as:

  • Visco elastic polymers
  • Hypoallergenic quality
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Easy contouring
  • Support to the body

 Memory Foam Mattresses and Temperature Sensitivity

While all the above mentioned features are crucial for the success rate of a memory foam mattress, temperature sensitivity gets the top position.

It is the temperature sensitivity of the mattress that also gives it its unique characteristic of custom-contouring that it is known for. The visco elastic polymers of the mattress react with the body heat of the sleeper thus making it softer and flexible enough to take to the contours of the body of the sleeper and create a sleeping surface that is unique to every sleeper.

And this is not just true for memory foam mattress but also for mattress toppers, pillows, bolsters or any other product made of memory foam.

Memory Foam Mattresses and winters

Due to the temperature sensitivity feature of the mattress, any change in temperature or weather conditions will directly affect the performance of the mattress.

When the temperatures are cool, memory foam mattress can feel more rigid and inflexible initially. But once the material warms due to the body heat, it softens, becomes flexible and then finally contours to the body form.

It is the same feature of the mattress that helps it keep warm during winters. When the visco elastic polymers use the body heat to soften the material, some of the heat is also trapped and retained. This keeps the mattress warm and insulated for quite some time, making them a perfect choice for winters.

However, mattresses are a matter of personal choice so if you find memory foam mattresses take up too long to soften and warm up during winters (if you happen to stay in very cold places), you might want to look out for one that suits your requirements.

A Conclusive Rundown

Whether you are looking for a mattress suitable for winters or summers, a memory foam mattress usually fits the bill. If not for you, all you need to do is a little research online, find the mattress in a box price, place an order and wait for it to be delivered at your doorstep!

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