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What is the Average Couch Cleaning Cost?

The cost of couch cleaning in London depends upon several factors. Couch cleaning charges vary from agency to agency, but we offer you the best services at an affordable price.

Sofa Cleaning Company offers you one of the best sofa cleaning services in London. We have expert cleaners with decades of experience in cleaning a wide range of sofas and other furniture such as bed headboards, armchairs, mattresses, dining chairs, office chairs, and more.

This blog will help you understand the average cost of sofa or couch cleaning and the factors that influence it.

Factors that Determine Couch Cleaning Charges

You might be aware that professional sofa or couch cleaning costs vary from company to company. The reason behind this variation is that each agency uses a different technique and policy when it comes to price estimation.

Following are the primary factors in determining the price of couch cleaning in London:

  • Quantity and types of furniture: The cost varies according to the type of upholstery cleaning you book, whether it is an armchair, two-seated chair, four-person sofa with an L shape, or three-seated chair.
  • Stain protector charges: We apply a stain protection agent on the surface of your sofa upon request. An additional charge is applicable for the use of this element. Scotchgard is a commonly used stain protector that is sprayed on the couch’s surface to protect it from the stains soaking in the fabric.
  • Appointment: Booking an appointment or scheduling our services during holidays, festivals, or weekends may be costly. The price for sofa cleaning is usually a bit higher in comparison to normal workday hours.
  • Cleaning method and type of fabric: The average cost of sofa cleaning differ depending on the cleaning method professionals use.
  • Service charges: An additional charge may apply if you book an upholstery cleaning in combination with another service such as carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, bed bug treatment, or house cleaning.

Why Hire Professionals?

There are people who try to clean the stain themselves using DIY methods to save little money. However, in such cases, they usually end up damaging the fabric, which makes it challenging to be repaired even with professional machines.

The blend of natural and synthetic fabrics in modern upholstery furniture makes it challenging to know what exact treatment would be suitable for it.

Moreover, the expert professional would know everything from what detergents to use, which method would be suitable, and how to operate the tools. They offer effective and reliable couch cleaning services in London and make professional hiring a better option.