What Is Great About BLG Head with Hair?

You may wonder why you need to leave BLG Head dolls in your hair, thinking they are not so different from other types. But you must know that each product is unique and has different specifications, and there is no difference between Big Hair Dolls. In fact, understanding these differences is a great way to further improve your knowledge and skills in the style business.

Very few designers think they need a BLG Head, but they don’t know how much money they can make from it. The fact is that certain circumstances lead to the need for a head of this size. In summary, in the following cases, you will need a doll head with large hair:

You want to master full hair

Even if you’ve perfected your styling techniques for normal-volume hair, full hair types can still be a big challenge. However, if the model has a large head, you will have the opportunity to learn how to handle them properly.

You’ve never worked on an adult before

You’ve probably worked with children and teenagers for a long time and are thinking about transitioning to an adult look. Practicing a large dummy head gives you a first wave of confidence.

You are learning hairstyle design

Some hairstyles look better on full hair, while larger models are plentiful. These tools give you the perfect platform to try it out on your customers.

You’re a pretty girl student

In beauty school, you must learn to deal with different types and sizes of hair, as they must have the same feel and look as the actual transaction. Therefore, to master adult hair, the large dummy head is your best choice.

Although you may realize by now that you need a Daihatsu doll, you’re still wondering if they have any advantages. Well, in fact, they do, and each one is a reason why you should buy them at the shop or salon.