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What can we call it hair beauty shop near me?

What can we call it hair beauty shop near me?
Condition 1: The business site providing professional hairdressing services shall be more than 150 square meters. Condition 2: more than 15 professional hairdressers and service personnel.
Condition 3: The decoration grade must be high grade, suitable for celebrities, celebrities, and ladies to meet and communicate.
Condition 4: Be sure to configure a dedicated area for playing elegant and fashionable music and drinking coffee and chatting.
The signboard is the “face” that directly reflects the image of the store and is the billboard that highlights the operation and culture of the store. Pay attention to color matching, and generally take dark color as the main body to attract attention.
Condition 5: The hairdressing service products must have more than two well-known brands, such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Meiyu, Ivessa, etc.
Condition 6: equipment and appliances with international high-end brands, such as Meiyu perm machine, simmer machine, and other high-end hairdressing products.
Condition 7: Hairdressers and beauty shops near me owners must have accepted new products, new technologies, and brand concepts, be able to keep up with the trend of the times and be able to use new knowledge to guide customers to carry out correct sales, such as the promotion concept and technology of new headwear such as pear flower perm and egg roll perm.
If the hair beauty shop near me does not meet the above seven conditions, it cannot be called a “hair salon”.
In-store style
1. Japanese style; 2. Classical style; 3. Modern style; 4. European style; 5. Thai style, etc. Show the culture and professional atmosphere of the store according to the decoration style, let customers accept and accept the business philosophy of the store, and draw the business items and prices to make customers clear at a glance. The determination of style should be different from other peers. Properly embellish high-end handicrafts, celebrity calligraphy, and paintings to highlight the level of the corporate culture.
In-beauty shop near me tone
In order to make customers sit down without mood fluctuation, make customers feel relaxed, comfortable, and warm, and have a sense of trust and security, then the color in the beauty shop near me is more important. The dark color will make people feel uneasy, irritable, emotionally fluctuating, and unable to sit down. In short, the colors in the store must be light and light. To relax the tension between employees and customers.