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Wedding bus with newlyweds and guests all on board and immediately fashion!

What to do if the reception place is too far from the church where the rite was celebrated? The solution to solve this problem is at hand: a shuttle service that transports guests to the location where the party is organized

There are many couples who prefer to get away from the city to celebrate their wedding, choosing villas, castles, historic houses, farms or farmhouses.

These are fascinating structures that evoke the glories of times gone by but which are often not really within reach being in secluded places among verdant valleys or between lost mountains.

To get there you obviously need a car or a suitable means of transport.

If after sending the invitations their calls start to arrive to inquire about how to reach the reception place, you will easily realize how uncomfortable your choice is for some, especially for those who do not have a car, who have difficulty in drive for long journeys like the elderly, or they don’t even have a driver’s license.

In the event that the non-patented are a small group of about ten people, the best solution would be to ask your closest friends or family members to give them a ride.

Try to make the appropriate presentations immediately upon leaving the church, before the usual photos.

The new group will begin to familiarize themselves by having a chat and getting comfortable.

Even if the trip will be short, at most half an hour, forty minutes, it is not nice that you spend it in embarrassment.

It is always best to melt the ice before getting into the car.

If the guests who are unable to reach the location are numerous, it is absolutely necessary to organize a shuttle service by renting a bus through specialized companies

The rental of the coach or minibus should be organized before sending the participations so as to include in the invitation to the reception also the note in which it is communicated that this type of service will be available.

You will obviously specify the arrival and departure times of the vehicle with an indication of where the guests will be left after the party.

Normally this is a central place in the city, where it will be easier to take a taxi to go home, or in front of the hotel where the guests will spend the night, if they come from outside.

In this note you may also ask that people interested in using this service communicate it to you to know what type of means of transport they will need.

Mostly for the return it would be essential to organize two shifts . 

The first immediately after dinner, for those who don’t want to stay up late.

Elderly relatives or couples of friends with small children who need to go to bed early generally enjoy it.

A second departure shift could be indicated late at night for people who, even having their own car, have left it at home in order to be free to drink a few more glasses by going back without giving up on living the party atmosphere in full.

For the diehards who pulled until dawn and who are now a little over the top, you will still make sure that they have the opportunity to go back safely by escorting them, perhaps, by someone who has not gone too far with champagne and toasts.

There is also the case in which the location, however close to the city, has no parking.

In this case it would be absolutely problematic to force the guests to go on long hikes, perhaps with stiletto heels, along the paths of a beautiful manor clinging to a top.

As already mentioned the journey to reach the reception place usually takes about half an hour .

However, it could happen that the place of destination is further away.

In this case, if you organize the transport, you will have to take all precautions so that your guests spend the time necessary for the transfer in comfort.

Make sure that you can listen to music on the bus.

  • The gender will be chosen based on the age of the occupants. Needless to predict ball music for the 80-year-old aunt who is now also accusing a principle of deafness.
  • Also consider the hypothesis that guests may be thirsty.
  • In general, rental buses are equipped with a mini-bar.
  • Check that it is supplied with bottles of water (natural and sparkling) or refreshing drinks.
  • Since the guests are going to a wedding and not to a village festival or a picnic where they will have a picnic, take care of the exterior and interior aspect of the wedding bus

Short or long is the shuttle journey , why not do it with some flower or colored ribbon ? Of course, it is always better not to go too far, keeping yourself sober and simple.

The idea is to retrace the style and above all the chromatic theme of the wedding.

For the exterior, a colored bow will be sufficient to be applied to one of the rear-view mirrors.

For the interior, place a simple composition on the front window, if possible.

It would be a nice gesture to leave a simple flower on each seat occupied by the guests.

A simple and direct way to thank them for participating in the party by welcoming them with a thousand wishes of good fun.

And finally the shuttle limousine services in Newsmaker: comfortable, practical and typically Hollywood taste!

Do you have a short distance between the church and the restaurant? An extravagant idea is to have a Limousine transport the vehicle to the reception location, which can load more people than normal sedans.

It could be a moment of fun for the guests, who will remember the passage with pleasure: obviously the journey must be short; to avoid that the whole day has passed between the first and the last lap.

Many ceremonial car rental agencies have real Limousine jewels, equipped with every comfort, including minibar, air conditioning, television and hi-fi systems of the latest technology.

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