Ways To Rank Your Website #1 On Google

We all look for ways to improve our business visibility on Google and SEO is the proven strategy to win the game of ranking.

However the fact suggests that SEO is a process, and not an event, thus it takes time, hence we devote this post you to help you understand the number of steps you require to boost your website ranking.

  1. Publish Only Relevant Content

Needless to say, but the quality content is the key-driver of search engine ranking plan. There is no tactic or hidden technique which can eventually substitute the great content.

The very specific thread of the quality content fabric is interwoven with the targeted keyword phrase for each page. But again follow the rules; don’t over-stuff your content with keywords.

Make your content more relevant by using bold, italics, heading tags in the H1 tag, but ensure that it does not sound TOO much, and let your natural writing style to be consumed by the audience.

Keep improvising your content; calling that search engines, too have their own mind, is not wrong, because your content is always taken into consideration by the search engines, thus you must update your content regularly, to maintain site’s relevancy, thus keeping it fresh and relevant cannot compromise with any other factor.

  1. Keep A Check On Metadata

Every webpage needs the information about the content of the specific page, in the form of metadata.

  • Title Metadata- This one is one of the most important metadata on your page, which aims for the page titles to be displayed at the top of a browser window and reflect as the headline through search engine results.
  • Description Metadata – This metadata is basically the textual description, which browser uses in the page search return. This very content encourages the users to enter the website and access it.
  • Keyword Metadata – This metadata is rarely used to tabulate search engine rankings.
  1. Work On The Links

You will be surprised to know that internal and external links, always give a huge influence on how your website ranks. Thus you need to pay attention to the link.

  • Fix Broken Links -Don’t ignore the broken links, as it curbs the ideal users-experience. You can run your sites with the tools like W3C Link Checker, which allows you to spot the 404 errors and fix them.
  • Site Mentions into Links- The Google Alert can help you bring the attention of many and also, help you keep a track on the brand mentions across the web. In the event of unlinked, you can always contact the webmaster and request them to turn the mention into a link.

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