7th December 2020


For any event or get together, the host has to be extremely cautious of many things. The location, the ambience of the place, the food, the services, the decoration and a lot of other factors needs to be checked when planning for a location. It is essential for a host to check all these factors to ensure that the upcoming event goes smooth and the guests do not face any inconvenience. There are chances that losing the grasp on even on one of the parameters can cause a loss of face for the hosts. This is why most people have started opting for venue hire in Sydney CBD. Venue hires can help people in forgetting what a load of burden hosting an event is and all the prepping that goes with it. Abode Bistro is the ideal venue hire if you have a corporate event upcoming this month. 

Abode Bistro offers event venues in Sydney CBD where companies can host their corporate events. The restaurant is a leading venue hire where events and functions can be hosted with full enthusiasm. The restaurant offers the finest range of delicacies. The staff at Abode Bistro is courteous and welcoming. Their services are unparalleled. The aura and ambience at Abode Bistro are exceptional and it is great venue for hosting all kinds of events ranging from corporate to close. Visit the website and book a reservation at Abode Bistro. 

Why Choose Abode Bistro:

  • Wide range of food options 
  • Welcoming and courteous staff 
  • Excellent ambience for events 
  • Spacious and accommodating 

About Abode Bistro 

Abode Bistro is a leading restaurant in Sydney CBD region that also offers venue hires for events. There are several events that the restaurant specializes in extending services for. For those who are looking for an ideal location to throw a corporate event or a close group event, Abode Bistro is the right place. Visit the website for venue hire. 

Connect With Us 

Address: 150 Day St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:  +61292602945