Beauty Tips

Useful makeup tips help you keep beauty

1. Use Brown Liner
We like our black eyeliner very much – the world without it seems to be a bleak world indeed. Consider changing it to dark chocolate brown. Why? The warmer background color in the brown pencil illuminates your eyes in the most subtle way, while black can cast shadows, close your eyes and highlight black circles. In addition, anything with a gray background will age (including your hair color). Try warm colors and watch your face brighten up.It is the best trick of these makeup tips.
2. Shape Your Brows
Korean women know their beauty products, so they look several years younger. But products are only part of the equation – their beauty techniques are different. In the United States, we have long celebrated the perfect arched eyebrows. However, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Korean women choose different eyebrows: softer and straighter arches (if any). Why? It is said that this shape mimics the natural shape of our eyebrows when we are young, so it should have the same effect when applied at our more mature age. Instead of creating a definite arch with your brush strokes, try using the soft pencil above to soften your eyebrows and reduce the arch.Korean women are good at new makeup tips.
3. Prime Your Skin
To be honest, we always think that primer is an unnecessary additional step in our beauty procedure, more in the field of placebo effect than actually adding any value. How very, very wrong we are. It seems that primer has become a useful weapon against aging skin and dark complexion. Lightweight water-based options like Kat von D’s not only provide a foundation for your face. Celebrity makeup artist Erik Soto recommends squeezing a small amount of primer on your hand and mixing it with rose colored liquid lipstick. Then, pat it on the apple muscle of the cheek with a wet beauty sponge to create the youngest and most moist blush. Or apply it to your foundation make-up to get a smoother and more luminous effect. You can even mix it with powdery eye shadow to create an elegant color and instantly brighten your eye area – the possibilities are endless.After you read those useful makeup tips,you will get better condition of your skin.
4. Moisturize After Foundation
In order to prepare your skin for foundation make-up, you can apply a layer of moisturizer to get a smooth foundation. In addition, you can also try to apply a little moisturizer on foundation make-up later. Why? This can help you achieve stroboscopic effect without using a fluorescent pen, and make your tired skin glow healthy and moist. We like this primer moisturizer blend from glossier, which is a versatile product.
5. Brighten Your Eyes
Tired eyes? dark under-eye circles Buy naked Eyeliner pens (yes, they exist) and draw a line on your bottom water line to get an instant eye opening effect. Skip white – it looks too retro – and choose a neutral tone similar to your skin tone. With a gentle sweep, your eyes will appear wider, brighter, and more awake – the opposite of drooping and tiredness.