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Onlive Infotech Web Hosting Services assist you to have a rapid method of Server Hosting operation. They come with the various Servers such as: Cheapest Dedicated Server, Shared Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting Servers, Web Hosting and VPS Hosting Server also.

Come, We are Describing Below:

• Reduce the Cost for global based Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting solutions

• Big storage and database analytics operating for huge application data.

• The dominant avails of Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting functioning and solutions, it gives the best ability of rate optimization which will match with your budget, adapt and requirements.

• Onlive Infotech follow up to you in making an innovative and a buy-able web server solution with the support of server’s newest technology.

Major Keys of The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services:

We understand the budget of Client: The major drivers of Dedicated Servers which reduce the cost along with the Onlive Infotech are compute, it provides the outbound data transfer and storage system for the customer needs. Here is no special charge for the Inbound data transfer option. if you want the higher data transfer, lesser you pay per GB space. We provide the Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting with best charges and avails for every 35 locations in the world.

Cost optimization of Dedicated Servers: Best Dedicated Server Hosting adoption is not only a technical development but how this organization works and professional use. We know that it is extremely important and easy to show cost visibility for a developing online business enhancement.

Higher flexibility of Dedicated Hosting plans: You can Insist on modernity and reduce the complexity of the website. This features also enables on the business needs to be completely resilient. While not using examples, cost reduces by 70 percent using 24/7.

Utilize of the best pricing of Dedicated Server model for the Business, it offers by the Onlive Infotech: company have the several pricing of the dedicated models which depend on the service:

• Consumer demand: clients pay for calculations or database setup only with future commitments.

• Dedicated service, for examples: Dedicated Server runs on the best hardware which has been dedicated to single hosting customer.

• Best Price: Is an Onlive Infotech’s servers pricing mechanism which assist you to buy for best computing capability.

• Reservations: provides you the ability to receive larger discount, along with Cost optimization.

Start with the Onlive Infotech’s Free Tier tree Data centre assistance: This facility helps you to get free, hands-on experience along with the Onlive’s Server Hosting services. It makes the best plans with the affordable prices which expires after one month of signing in the Dedicated Server and others functions never expire.

Free-tier-data centre Offers are Only Available On The Onlive’s Web Services:

• Onlive Infotech’s Elastic Compute of Dedicated Server

• Onlive Infotech’s more Storage Service with the plan

• Data base not share with the other client

• Onlive Infotech’s Dedicated Optimization service

Different Pricing for individual Server Hosting services: Details of Different services which provide particular pricing for hosting solutions.

For Instance, The Onlive Infotech’s Vps Server Pricing Varies By Example Kind.

VPS Server Hosting brings the best database service, VPS Hosting charges for the just for charges which you buy from Onlive Infotech company.

VPS Hosting Server is a powerfully secured server, which has best capacity that works finest with the best system resource. The VPS plan actually build the web-scale VPS computing which easy for the use to IT. Onleive Infotech helps in reducing the required boot service that works on new server instances, so you can easily increase your business capacity, system management and scaling both ways.

The Structured of Pricing for Onlive Infotech’s Servers, we are elaborating two ways to pay for their plans: –

• Dedicated Hosting, it is particularly giving the authority

• On-Demand VPS Hosting, best space to give the client

The client only pay for who computing which the you buy from the Onlive Infotech, it provide the capacity as per your usage.

1. Onlive Infotech’s provide the lower cost and flexibility with Dedicated Server without any troubles

2. All online business like: Applications and Websites available with changeable services and workloads which can be working.

3. Onlive Business development also available with Onlive Infotech for the all-time.

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