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Top 5 Reasons to Invest a Land in Dehradun [2019]

You know very little or nothing about Dehradun city and someone throws in a suggestion to invest in land in Dehradun. What will you do? Besides doing a personal investigation you are tempted to know what others have to say. Online resources, social reviews, and seller information are some of the reliable mediums to check upon where your money is going.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Invest a Land in Dehradun

See your investment grow

Once you decide to buy land in Dehradun, you can expect a dynamic growth of your property in terms of market value. In 2019, land prices in most areas of Dehradun are poised to go upward and the trend is likely to continue for the next 3-5 years. The capital of Uttarakhand after a slight downfall in 2016 makes a great comeback in terms of the real estate domain. To buy property in Dehradun is a safe bet under the prevalent real estate market growth trend.

Post-retirement Settlement

Dehradun is a favorite place in India to settle down after retirement. This trend was started by British people and it continues to remain so even today. Even the NRI community is fixated with its mountainous surrounding and flock here to buy land or home. In many ways, Dehradun offers the optimum environment that draws retirees to this charming city for a peaceful and healthy life.

Growing Tourist Hub

To invest in land is a wise decision in terms of economic growth. Dehradun, as we know, is amongst the busiest tourist destination in India, as it is in the proximity of Mussourie and Rishikesh – two prime tourist destinations of Uttarakhand. Add Haridwar to that list and you have bustling tourist-zone. This economic factor due to tourism is one of the good reason to get a piece of land in this magnificent city.

Pleasant Weather

Weather is perhaps the strongest reason why Dehradun is in the list of preferred cities for settlement. It offers a cold (yet bearable) weather in winters and the summers are pleasant, unlike the scorching heat observed in most other parts of India. The city ranks fifth in terms of the most preferred destination for land investment by the Non-Resident Indians. Retirees love Dehradun to no end. The ambience and vibe of the city coupled with excellent weather make it a perfect choice for investment in real estate.

Economic Growth

Dehradun has moved ahead of just being a nice touristy place. In the last decade or so a surge in IT and BPO companies have added the zing factor to the life of Dehradun. Kids from Dehradun are not forced to move out due to lack of jobs. Some high profile IT, ITeS, Consultancies, and Financial organizations have opened operations out of Dehradun. Moreover, the jobs in the education sector, as well as the government jobs, gives immense options to find employment in the city. This economic growth always complements the prices of real estate – as we have noticed recently.

There are a bunch of other reasons for investing in land in Dehradun. The city is a great globally known education center, especially for primary and secondary education. A vast number of higher education institutes for Business Management, Petroleum & Science, and Technology are operating in Dehradun. Dehradun is also a Smart City and bound to witness a sea change in terms of look & feel, environmental status, and economic management.

Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain
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