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To get useful perfect diary loose powder to use

The size of the old perfect diary powder is 3.5 inches. It is a very popular diary powder that can help users record every bit of daily life. Here are some steps you can take to resolve the size issue with the old version of Perfect Diary: 1. First, check the size of your Diary Pressed Powder to make sure it measures 3.5 inches. 2. Second, check the appearance of the diary compact to make sure it looks as desired. 3. Finally, check the function of the diary powder to make sure it can be used normally. Personal tip: When troubleshooting the size of the old Perfect Diary compact, double check the size, appearance and function of the Diary compact to make sure it will work properly.

The test of a good perfect diary loose powder is not whether it will fly off, but its oil control effect. Generally speaking, we rely on the talcum powder contained in the great perfect diary loose powder to absorb the oil produced by our skin to achieve the effect of setting makeup , when is light enough to fly the standard for testing a cost-effective perfect diary loose powder?
If it contains titanium dioxide, there is an inhalation risk

Although this method is unreliable, the starting point can be said to be good. Who wouldn’t want to have a fine perfect diary loose powder? Although Xiaoka has not been in the makeup industry for a very long time, he still has a lot of friends who are makeup artists around him. He has bought several sets of makeup products with them, and bought no less than 10 sets of brushes alone…. ..

As a “big oil field” skin type, I don’t need to wear base makeup, but I absolutely can’t do without beautiful perfect diary loose powder. When I don’t wear makeup, I always use loose powder to control oiliness, not to mention after makeup, if I don’t use loose powder, my makeup has already started to fade as soon as I walk out of the community on the commute, so my dressing table is absolutely indispensable. Loose powder. But I counted, and the one I stock up the most is this Perfect Diary Cloud Shade Soft Focus Oil Control Loose Powder. First of all, its cost-effectiveness is super high, and it is cheap and big, which meets my daily large-scale demand for makeup, and it will not hurt when I use it hard.

Appearance design:
The first time I got the Perfect Diary Yunsha Soft Focus Oil Control Loose Powder, I was amazed by its outer shell, the gleaming golden color looks full of texture, it is too advanced. And the shell is relatively small, so it is convenient to carry makeup with you, so you don’t have to worry about makeup when you go out

Powder advantages:
My requirements for makeup setting powders are that the powder quality must be fine and smooth, and the makeup setting effect should be good after application. These Perfect Diary Yunsha Soft Focus Oil Control Loose Powders have achieved it. Its soft focus is really nothing to say, it is a very delicate skin smoothing feeling. After applying it on the face, it feels like using PS on the computer to enlarge the effect of a little skin smoothing. Moreover, the powder is really delicate, as light as velvet, and also lipophilic and hydrophobic, so you don’t have to worry about taking away the moisture in the skin. The upper face can absorb the facial oil in all directions, and it sticks to the skin without accumulation, creating a refreshing makeup.