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To get more about perfect diary brand

In five years, Perfect Diary Always adhere to the brand concept of “beauty without limits”, continue to expand the boundaries of beauty, and become a domestic cosmetics brand with 56 million fans. Perfect Diary insists on walking with every beauty lover, and hopes to move forward side by side with more consumers in the future , inspire each other and grow together.
Original Aspiration – Let everyone become beautiful easily
On October 10, 2016, the famous Perfect Diary brand released its first Weibo post, “Dedicated to helping young women reveal their most beautiful selves”, appearing in the eyes of Chinese consumers with the brand concept of “Beauty Without Limits”. Since its establishment, great Perfect Diary brand has been constantly looking for inspirations of beauty and constantly bringing different surprises to consumers. It has become the first domestic cosmetics brand to appear on Tmall Super Brand Day. Good Perfect Diary brand takes the initiative to strike across borders, successively cooperates with the British Museum, Discovery Discovery Channel and China National Geographic to launch a series of co-branded eye shadow palettes, bringing art into consumers’ lives through color collisions with different fields, absorbing the beauty of cultural relics and digging into nature Art, which wonderfully integrates nature and beauty, with versatile colors and both practicality and fashion, is deeply loved by consumers.
In 2019, the fashionable Perfect Diary brand opened its first concept store on Chunxi Road, Chengdu. In just one year, the number of Perfect Diary’s offline stores has exceeded 200, providing consumers with “free and unfettered beauty space”, and professional beauty consultants provide personalized makeup services, truly realizing “beauty for everyone”. Personally provide a beauty experience that is within reach and exceeds expectations.”

“If every desire for beauty can be respected, the world will be a better place.” Respecting the desire for beauty and realizing different self-expressions, popular Perfect Diary brand always encourages women to break the shackles of aesthetics, reject stereotyped labels, and bravely pursue themselves.
Perfect Diary also integrates the brand attitude into product design. In 2020, it will join hands with the brand’s global spokesperson Zhou Xun to bring “small stiletto” lipsticks, breaking through the traditional impression labels of high heels and red lips, and giving women confidence and strength with handsome and neat metal tubes. Confident lip color with subtle color. In 2021, Perfect Diary once again joined hands with Zhou Xun to present the new animal eye shadow “Red Fox” red-brown palette, showing cool and confident fox eyes. Afraid of winks, beautiful and confident. Perfect Diary creates high-quality products with heart, creates ever-changing charm for every woman, and interprets the confident beauty of contemporary women.

Strength-R&D Co-creation Empowering Beauty
“Leader” Perfect Diary insists on being at the forefront of beauty, striving for perfection and constantly carrying out scientific and technological innovation and research and development. Its parent company Yixian E-Commerce has created an innovative Open Lab R&D co-creation ecosystem, with stability, safety, and innovation as its core concepts, and is committed to injecting consumers’ real needs and multi-party technological strength into products, and creating high-quality beauty products with ingenuity. In September 2021, Yixian E-Commerce and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the world’s first SmartLOCK makeup lock technology. While directional absorbing excess oil, it retains the effective oil content of the product, achieves directional and precise oil control, and redefines refreshment and radiance.
This specially researched technology has been applied to Perfect Diary’s flagship product “Pearl” loose powder. Perfect Diary empowers beauty products with technology, breaks through the traditional loose powder setting effect, truly achieves oil absorption without makeup absorption, and 12-hour makeup. In the future, Perfect Diary will continue to improve its product strength and research and development capabilities accurately, never stop creating beauty, and bring more high-quality beauty products to consumers.

“Discover the beauty of women and protect the beauty of nature” is the brand concept of public welfare that Perfect Diary has always practiced. Since the establishment of the brand, Perfect Diary has focused on sustainable development, caring for women’s growth and other fields, adhered to the creed of beauty through public welfare actions, deepened brand value, and demonstrated corporate social responsibility.
Perfect Diary focuses on the red-crowned crane, an endangered animal in China. Through brand power, it conveys the concept of natural beauty to the public, innovatively integrates the concept of ecological environmental protection into product design, and launches the animal eye shadow “Red-crowned Crane” palette. Perfect Diary and the Beijing Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Foundation jointly launched the red-crowned crane protection project of the public welfare plan to retain the beauty of China, and launched an offline public welfare film exhibition, working together to “protect the beauty of scarcity and retain the beauty of China”. In addition, Perfect Diary actively participates in public welfare undertakings, and cooperates with the China Women’s Development Foundation to jointly launch the “Create a Beautiful Life” beauty makeup public welfare training project. With the goal of “helping women discover and create beauty”, it will help women develop and watch women move forward . During the epidemic, Perfect Diary joined hands with the China Women’s Development Foundation to launch the “Yixin Yiyi Women’s Value Creation Program” to provide makeup public welfare training courses for women who have contributed to the epidemic prevention work, and to realize women’s pursuit of beauty.