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To get good test with Android devices testings

That company has a lot of testers, and the process is relatively standardized, and I have learned a lot from it. I think there are many points worth learning from in terms of android device testing process and testing points.
I wrote this article today to review the android device testing process and key points of the previous work, hoping to inspire other Testers.
During the android device testing process of the work, the testing process is roughly like this:
Smoke Test:
The first thing to do is Smoke Test, the purpose is to find out whether the most basic functions can be realized, and whether there are problems with large modules
Function Test:
Then there is a more comprehensive functional test. This part of the test is more detailed. The tester is required to cover all the functional points of the device to be tested and give a complete test report.
Stress Test:
Simultaneously, there is also a stress test. The stress test is mainly to investigate whether the device works normally when one application or several applications are repeatedly operated for a long time.
CMCC OT Test (For OT Branch):
This is not a required test, it is mainly a test for the branch that needs to pass the CMCC standard, the purpose is to test whether the current version can meet the requirements of CMCC
2 In the daily test, the tests mainly include functional test, performance test, abnormal stability test, compatibility test and stress test, and the required coverage of each test is as follows:
function test
01 display test
It is mainly used to check whether the interface display of each application is normal and whether it meets the user experience
02 Function point test
Mainly inspect whether each function point of each application is normal, and whether it can support all the function options that the application can support
03 Business logic test
It mainly examines the interaction between various applications of the device and whether the implementation logic of each option in the application is normal.
Performance android device testing
01 Basic performance test
The main concern is whether the time from starting an application, displaying the list, searching, switching application options, etc. to the completion of the operation meets the requirements
02 Multimedia Entertainment
Mainly focus on the time required to open an mp3, MP4, JPEG file of a specific size to the completion of loading
03 Large data capacity
The main concern is whether the device updates a large amount of data and whether the success rate of the application and the time required can meet the requirements
Stability and Abnormality Test
01 Interactivity Test
Also known as concurrency test, it mainly examines whether an application is normally interfered by various other operations during its working process;
Whether the equipment works normally when plugging and unplugging data cables, earphones, etc.;
Is it normal to interact with the PC and perform data interaction with other devices?
02 Abnormal test
Investigate whether each application can work normally under the conditions of very low battery, little memory left, little space left, full space of Sim card, large CPU usage, etc.; and other abnormal operations, such as hot-swapping SD card, Whether the device can give a correct response when hot-swapping the SIM card and other operations
compatibility test
01 SIM card compatible
Mainly investigate whether voice calls, network selection at startup, phonebook record-related operations, and PIN code modification/unlocking operations are normal under different networks such as 2G/3G/4G
02 Compatibility of application games
Mainly inspect whether the device is compatible with popular applications and games, and whether the device display, installation, uninstallation, operation, online upgrade and other operations are normal
pressure test
It mainly uses Monkey, MonkeyRunner, uiAutoMator, MTBF and other scripts or internally developed test frameworks to conduct stress tests on the equipment to check whether the equipment operates normally under high pressure.