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To get good perfect diary lipstick to use in daily life

I am ready to start makeup for the sake of beauty. I asked my roommate to recommend cosmetics to me. My roommate recommended it to me. I tried it first and found it to be very good. Now I will share it with you:
1. The lipsticks of Perfect Diary are safe, and the products of Perfect Diary are nationally registered products with complete records in the US Food and Drug Administration. The ingredients of the product have passed the test and are safe and non-toxic. It does not pick skin, yellow skin can be at ease. Because it has a red tint, it will not be old-fashioned. Babies with dark lips may be more purple. The color is full and rich, and the color rendering is high, but the catch is not very deep. It belongs to the sexy and attractive hexagram, with its own aura. The texture is moist and full of gloss, and the base color has a little lip stain effect.
2. The disadvantage of perfect diary slim lipstick is that the lip line will accumulate color, and the film-forming effect is average. So it’s a pity that it sticks to the mug, it’s a bit sticky to the hair, and the durability is just that. It also looks good when applied with lip gloss or layered with other lipsticks. The lead content of Perfect Diary lipstick is up to the standard. There is no accurate value for the lead content of perfect diary slim lipstick, but the lead content is relatively low. Although Meidi lipstick contains lead, it can effectively prevent the body from absorbing lead. Women who love beauty can only apply lipstick 2-3 times a day.
3. Perfect Diary lipstick contains lead, but according to the current survey, the lead content of Perfect Diary lipstick is not high. According to FDA’s inspection of 400 lipsticks sold on the market in 2010, the lipstick with the highest lead content was 7.19mg/tax, even lower than our assumption of 10 mg/kg, so regular products are very safe. You can also test your perfect diary slim lipstick for lead content yourself. Prepare 2 lipsticks of different prices, a corner and A4 white paper. Just go online on Baidu.
Since I used this lipstick, I have become more beautiful, and my temperament has also improved. When I usually walk on campus, people passing by look at me, and they are embarrassed to show me. Now I insist on using perfect diary slim lipstick day My roommate also said that I have changed since I used this lipstick
Today I will introduce to you how about the quality of perfect diary slim lipstick
1. When choosing lipstick, you must confirm your skin color. Skin color can be roughly divided into white skin, red skin, yellow skin and dark skin. When choosing lipstick, be sure to confirm your skin tone.
2. When buying lipstick, applying it on your lips and seeing how it develops is the most important part. If you like a lipstick color, you must not only “look”, but also apply it yourself to confirm.
The perfect diary slim lipstick is still very easy to use, the color saturation of perfect diary slim lipstick is relatively high, it has a moisturizing texture, and the price is cheap, which is very cost-effective.
Perfect Diary lipstick recommendation: Perfect Diary Little Gold Diamond Anti-Gravity Lip Glaze, G02 Ripe Peach, G03 Wooden Rose, G07 Deep Water Red, G08 Blood Orange.
1. Perfect Diary Little Gold Diamond Anti-Gravity Lip Glaze
Light mist anti-gravity lip glaze, excellent in lightness, matte but not dry, bringing an anti-gravity-like light and senseless nude lip experience. Hydrating matte formula, comfortable and non-drying on the upper lip. Long-lasting color lock without frequent touch-ups.
2. G02 ripe peach color
A color that looks like a fairy, it is no problem to apply it without makeup.
3. G03 Wooden Rose
There is no heavy feeling, one drop into the lips, the hydration and matte surface, the upper lip is comfortable, and it does not dry out at all
4. G07 deep water red
The color that is super suitable for summer, the earthy orange color of the pink tone, does not feel sticky at all.
5. G08 blood orange
For the colors used in the backstage of the fashion week, the white skin is whiter, and the yellow skin is whitened and dried persimmon red.