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To get good makeup tips with good beauty blogs


Makeup always looks cumbersome and complicated. Sometimes when I look at the super makeup skills of Internet celebrity beauty bloggers, I can’t help but wonder, “Why are people so different from each other?”

Complicated makeup skills also directly discourage many girls, preferring to have no makeup and not learn makeup tips. But in fact, makeup is not difficult to say. In daily life, we don’t need to be like TV female stars, nor do we need to paint delicate and complicated makeup like Internet celebrity bloggers. We only need simple makeup and light makeup. It can modify skin blemishes and make the whole person look more energetic.

Especially for older female friends, these makeup tips should not be too thick, otherwise it will increase the overall “greasy feeling” and even lead to a “pretending to be tender” feeling. In addition, some middle-aged women did not know how to make up before, and only started to follow the public to make up when they wanted to cover the blemishes on their faces in middle age. In this case, unskilled makeup techniques make it easier to make the makeup look “fake” and heavy.

The beauty trend turns too fast, not only can’t catch up, but also can’t understand.
A few days ago, everyone was still watching Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast of “Buy Buy Buy”. Today, they have moved into small chairs and waited for “middle-aged and elderly beauty blogger” Liang Long to test the color of his dead Barbie pink lipstick.And share makeup tips on the blog of him.
Liang Long’s beauty Vlog wave started ten days ago when Liang Long, the lead singer of Second-Hand Rose, posted a picture on Weibo of “Middle-aged and elderly beauty bloggers are about to open for business”.
An uncle blogger broke in suddenly, fans in the beauty industry were still waiting to see, rock music fans looked excited, and warmly welcomed “Aunt Long Sharing Lipstick”.
Liang Long, who claims to be a “middle-aged and elderly beauty blogger”, has actually been doing makeup for 20 years, and is more experienced than most full-time bloggers.It is good to get useful makeup tips in his video.
“What’s the lead singer’s lipstick number?” “What did you put on? Why did you sweat three layers without any makeup?”
This question has been asked countless times by Liang Long in the past two decades.
Secondhand Rose’s “Beauty” starts with the first stage appearance.
In 1999, at the Harbin Music Festival, the band debuted under the name “Secondhand Rose”. Feeling the “impoliteness” of the organizer, Liang Long borrowed a girl’s cosmetics backstage, painted lipstick, and put a pair of glasses on her face, hoping to stand out on stage.