To get a good perfect diary loose powder

The perfect diary loose powder for long-lasting makeup with soft focus in one second

As a “big oil” skin type, I can do without foundation makeup, but definitely not without perfect diary loose powder. When I don’t wear makeup, I always use perfect diary loose powder to control oil, not to mention after applying makeup, if I don’t need loose powder, then I basically just walked out of the community on the commute, and my makeup has already started to spend, so I definitely have a box on my dresser. loose powder. But I counted it, and the most I stocked up was this Perfect Diary Yunsha Soft Charcoal Oil Control Loose Powder. First of all, its cost performance is super high, and it is cheap and big bowl, which meets my large demand for makeup every day, and I will not feel distressed if I use it hard.

Appearance design:
The first time I got the perfect diary loose powder, I was amazed by its shell, the shimmering golden color, and it looked full of texture, too advanced. And the shell is relatively small, so perfect diary loose powder is convenient to carry makeup with you, so you will not be afraid of makeup when you go out.

Powder advantages:
My requirements for makeup setting powders are that the powder must be fine and fine, and the powder should not stick to the face after being applied, and the makeup setting effect should be good. Its soft focus is really nothing to say, it is the kind of very delicate dermabrasion, after applying it on the face, it feels like the effect of using PS to enlarge a little dermabrasion on the computer. And the powder is really delicate, as light as velvet, and it is also lipophilic and hydrophobic, so you don’t have to worry about taking away the moisture in the skin. The upper face can absorb the facial oil in all directions, and the skin does not accumulate, creating a refreshing makeup.

Makeup effect:
Perfect Diary Yunsha Soft Charcoal Oil Control Loose Powder is also very effective in holding makeup, because I have oily skin, so I usually apply a layer on my face after applying makeup in the morning, and reapply it again at 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Let the makeup last all day. I had my dry-skinned friend try it out and she lasted a day with one set, which I have to say is really long lasting. And my friend went to place an order immediately after using mine. I don’t need to say more about the effect.

How to apply makeup:
Perfect Diary Yunsha Soft Charcoal Oil Control Loose Powder also comes with a puff. Many of the loose powders I have used before do not have a puff, which makes it troublesome for me to bring a brush every time I go out. This puff is very skin-friendly, it is very soft and thick when you pinch it, the face is super soft and comfortable, and the powder grasping ability is also very strong. However, when you apply loose powder, you must shake it with a brush or puff, and you need to use a small amount several times. Otherwise, even the fine powder will make a fake face on your face, which is not natural at all.

When I go out to go shopping, I usually have to bring the Perfect Diary Yunsha Rou Jiao Oil Control Loose Powder. Since I have to use loose powder, choose a cheap and easy-to-use one. Super Amway is for oily girls.