Tips to make WFH productive for professionals

With the global pandemic of Covid19, the world is experiencing a phenomenon, unlike any other. Rather than the regular and most conventional 9 to 5 jobs, people are under lockdown at their residence.

To prevent loss of business and working hours, companies worldwide have come up with the ‘work from home’ policy. Yes, this culture did exist for a long time. However, this vast mass scale of work from home operations was never seen before.

Pune is a city known for over hundreds of Multinational companies and millions of employees who are all a part of these corporate brands. With the nationwide Covid19 lockdown in place, work from home has become a norm in Pune too.

Work from home can get boring and tiring after a certain period. A few well-planned tricks can help in making the experience more fun, worthy and exciting.

  • Create a specific workstation –

Just like your workstation at the office, create a beautiful, comfortable work station at home. In addition to a friendly and comfy chair and a large table, ensure that the space has good natural lighting and ventilation

A well-aerated and open area circulates positive energy and gives one the much-needed morale boost. A comfy cushion on the chair or the backrest is also a welcome addition.

  • Build a comfortable resting spot –

Constant work can tire anyone quickly, even if it is from within the four walls of your home. A comfortable bed ensures good rest and sufficient sleep to keep the mind and body rejuvenated.

Ensure that you buy the best mattress in Pune for a comfortable rest or sleep time. If your sleeping area is not good enough, it is not only going to affect your mental being, but it will also result in body ache and many other such health issues.

  • Have excellent work: home balance –

Even though you are working from home, it is best to have the right balance between the time spent working and the time spent resting. Hindering the balance can reduce work efficiency, and you are bound to be less productive than average.

  • Invest in some mandatory me time –

The tiring and constant cycle of office work and homework can make one exhausted mentally and physically. That’s why it is crucial to have the right amount of ‘me time’ always.

Losing your identity and forgetting what your body and mind needs is not the right choice. Investing a few hrs pampering yourself and taking care of your wellbeing is a sound decision.

As a beginner, a few minutes of yoga, Zumba or any light exercise is a good start.

  • Binge on the latest shows and cinemas online

Knowing about the world and spending a few hrs being entertained by TV shows and movies is a definite idea. This not only relaxes your mind and body but also gives you the much-needed rest from the work strain.

It is an excellent choice to visit memory foam mattress suppliers in Pune and get yourself a comfortable mattress that can help you relax and rewind comfortably instead of the old and hard mattress one generally tends to have at home.

  • Develop new hobbies

Rather than spending over time continually working, it is an excellent time to indulge in yourself and rediscover if you have any hidden talents. Experimenting with new hobbies can be very rejuvenating and exciting at the same time. It is a much-needed respite from the daily monotony of working from home.


Work from home can become an exciting and fun concept if the time is well divided and spent. A few changes in the daily routine can bring about a more joyous experience, even though it is from within the four walls of a home.