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Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Before closing a contract with a transport company, be careful not to have headaches in the future. Check out our tips to choose the best option.

Making a change is a process that includes many details and it is important to be careful with each step. If you’ve already chosen your new home, now is the time to organize the move. And the first step is to hire a specialized Local moving company in NYC.

But how do you know if you can trust the company and be assured that your furniture will arrive safely? In these cases, it is always good to be careful. So, before closing a contract, take some precautions so you don’t have headaches in the future. Check out our tips for choosing the best choice for your change.

Ask for a quote

Many companies provide a free quote so that you can assess the cost-benefit of the service requested. The idea is to contact several carriers before closing a contract. A tip is to ask for the budget to be as detailed as possible , specifying which services they perform, material provided, how many employees will be available and in how many hours the transport will be completed. Have all quotes printed or in email.

Search about the company

Having made a first selection of companies, don’t let the price factor alone be decisive. Before closing a contract, it is essential to research the name of the establishment in consumer protection agencies, consult the company’s score on

You can also look up references from past clients to get more details about their experiences. This step is, in a way, laborious, but it works.


Do not sign any contract before the company makes a survey on the current home and the new address. In addition to providing greater security, it guarantees the company the opportunity to check all the needs and particularities of your move.

For example, it is at this point that the carrier will check the list of furniture to be transported (given at the time of requesting a quote), check which ones need to be disassembled, define how many helpers will be needed for packaging and loading, the size of the truck, if lifting will be required, among other details.


If you’ve found an ideal company to make your move, the next step is to require a service contract. Check all terms and make sure you agree with them all. This way you prevent yourself from possible losses and annoyances.


Certain types of accidents must be covered by the company itself, but there are other cases where the carrier is not required to be responsible. Therefore, it is recommended that you take out insurance for your move. Transporting Change explains how it works:

Other care

So as not to get lost in the planning of change, make a to-do list, indicating how “done” as you go through the steps. And remember:

Try to visit the headquarters or verify that the moving company has a registration and physical address;

Never pay for the service without charging a receipt, and deny paying the full change fee in advance. These are signs that the company may not be very trustworthy;

During transport, if possible, accompany the truck. This way, you will be more relaxed and have the guarantee that the change will take place as desired.

Alaia Max
Alaia Max
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