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This is my perfect diary lipstick review

 My perfect diary lipstick review.

I often lurk near Shopee and IG. There are many products on Shopee, but this brand always stands out with its eye-catching graphics and packaging. I have the opportunity to try a set of perfect diary rouge thick velvet fine lipstick (P789/set p2139), so I write my perfect diary lipstick review is as follows:

The style of this suit is very cute. White artificial leather “bag”. When I opened it, I was surprised by the elegant appearance of lipstick. One side is made of white artificial leather, and the other side is made of gold. It looks luxurious and feels heavy. This lipstick is very light, which reminds me of Hourglass Confess lipstick.

Now, even if the demonstration is very good, I don’t have too high expectations for the actual product, because I have received another lip product of the brand before, and I think it is OK. I am happy to tell you that this is not the case with Lippies! They slide very smoothly and have good opacity even in one slide. They also have a pleasant vanilla scent.

They also moisturize the lips. However, since they are velvet matte lipstick, they still tend to emphasize the lip line a bit. Before I apply lipstick, I apply lipstick to make it less obvious.

The suits I got included L02 rose lambskin, L03 maple Chelsea and L04 vintage mid heel shoes. At first glance, the two tones look very similar, but their background makes them different from each other. L02 is rose, L03 is brown, and L04 is brick red. Because L02 is the lightest one in the stack, it is more opaque than the other two.

Longevity is good for this formula. It fades easily and is strong when drinking, but like most bullets, it can’t stand a meal.

In general, this perfect diary lipstick greatly exceeded my expectations. The suit costs 2139p, but you can also buy it separately for 789p. This is the most expensive lip product of the brand, and they will not be stingy. To be honest, this is the most expensive bullet lipstick I have ever used, because it is a perfect combination of appearance and performance. I just hope that the Perfect Diary has more changes in color. This is my perfect diary lipstick review.