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The perfect diary palette is recognized by Teresa

Hype dog: will perfect diary palette become your new first choice?

In addition to beautiful packaging, but also to provide high-quality products?

Remember the makeup series inspired by Sakura, the catcher of Kaka? If you don’t know, it is a perfect diary eye shadow disk. You may also have unknowingly seen the Perfect Diary Discovery Explorer eye shadow palette on Facebook ($128/19.99 per PHP1128). As the definition of “eye-catching packaging”, these eye shadow palettes produced in cooperation with Discovery Channel come from the perfect diary of Chinese cosmetics brands. Looking at the various products offered by the brand, we can say that they are really excellent in packaging.

“The Perfect Diary Discovery Explorer Cat’s Eye Shadow Disk has many positive aspects. In terms of packaging, the matte surface and lovely artwork can attract your attention a few minutes before seeing it. The first batch of color blocks suggest good color effects – Teacher (pink with silver flash spots) and dried fish (silver white flash) It’s a thicker flash – so I have high expectations for this palette. Also, can we talk about interesting color names?

In the palette we tried, the Cat palette has a “gentle” color story; It contains beautiful shades of brown and gold. Because of the choice of color, it is easy to transition from the daily eye appearance to something more attractive at night. I used all the matte colors and some satin to finish the appearance of my daily eyes: dry food (satin light pink) and claws (lavender pink matte) covered the whole lid, ears (light pink matte) on the creases, and silver rattan (neutral dark brown matte) as the eyeliner. I found that matte and satin tones need to be packaged to show my skin tone. On the good side, I didn’t use any eye shadow primer, but at the end of the day, the eye shadow was still intact.


But as cosmetics lovers, we all know that the internal ingredients of cosmetics – that is, the product itself – are the most important. We are exploring the surface of the perfect diary palette functionality to see if they are worth hype. Read on to understand our thoughts.

“I often see Perfect Diary through Facebook ads 。 They make me curious about this brand, because all the products they release are very attractive. Take a closer look at the Discovery Explorer Deer palette, which is part of their limited edition Christmas package in 2020. I am happy to say that the packaging of the palette is of high quality and does not disappoint people. It also comes with a beautiful double brush and a large mirror.

I use ribbon (foil metal blue red) as my star look, because it is the first color jump in your look at this palette. I use reindeer (warm orange brown matte) as my base color and mix it with ribbons. I mixed the chimney (dark brown and small gold spots) and the fireplace (cold foil metal brown and silver spots) together, gave the outer V some size, and finished the appearance with candy (red flash) in the center of the lid.

Although I used different tones and textures in this modeling, when I used the brush, everything was well integrated and presented. But I have to say that when you use your fingers, the color will be stronger. The powdery matte shadow has some dust on the pan, but this is not the first palette I tried. As long as the shadow performs well in application, I don’t mind.

I think this perfect diary palette is suitable for people with darker skin (such as myself), because these colors are more suitable for our skin color. It’s also great for those who like the palette, helping them create a neutral and everyday friendly look, but it can also be added when needed. This is not a perfect palette, because some colors are often thick, but the performance of most colors absolutely makes up for this. “

“I like the Perfect Diary Discovery Explorer fancy carp eye shadow disk. It is characterized by a good combination of various tones and textures, because I have encountered many unsuitable eye shadow disks. It achieves a perfect balance in terms of color stories.

In terms of application, my eyelids tend to become oily at the end of the day, so I make sure to use primer before applying any eye shadow. In this case, I used Boscia porous white charcoal finishing primer. I used glittering fish scale color (lavender) and matte glow (light pink) to create this charming shape.

Perfect diary discovery Explorer fancy carp eye shadow palette swatch and application


The perfect diary palette is recognized by Teresa. If you like the pink color, hooded eyelids or white skin like her, buy it.