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The Most Famous Temples in Rajasthan You Must Visit

Rajasthan, a regal and divine state,  is not just about lavish palaces and grand monuments. It also has a spiritual side that will definitely send your soul soaring. With numerous religious sites scattered across the state, the Land of the Kings offers a chance to unplug and connect with your innermost being. Whether it is the beautifully carved temples or the soft chants of prayers echoing through the halls, each site has its charm and uniqueness. So come, let us take a tour of these temples, leave our worries behind, and experience Rajasthan’s divinity:

Salasar Balaji Temple: Salasar, Churu District

Salasar Balaji Temple is a marvel worth mentioning when discussing the sacred places in India. Located in the Churu district of Rajasthan, this temple is dedicated to Balaji, Lord Hanuman’s incarnation. Every day, numerous devotees visit this temple to offer prayers and seek blessings from the divine. The temple was constructed in 1754 AD, and according to the legend, the statue of Lord Hanuman appeared after being pleased by the devotion of Shri Mohanlal Das Maharaj in Asota village. Later on, it was shifted to Salasar to construct the temple.

The best time to visit is during Chaitra and Ashwin Poornima, festivals celebrated with great zeal. But don’t stop there – explore the other temples in the area, like the Anjana Mata temple and Mohan Mandir. It will take you at least a full day to soak up the sacred place, so be sure to book a comfortable hotel stay such as at Hotel Jesraj Salasar, which offers comfort and convenience to all its guests. So, embark on a spiritual journey and experience the serene ambiance that this temple has to offer!

Karni Mata Temple: Deshnoke, Bikaner

After your stay at a Hotel in Salasar Dham, you can go for an early morning journey to the Karni Mata temple. If you want to witness this unique amalgamation of faith and nature, Karni Mata Temple is where you should be. A unique religious site is dedicated to Karni Mata, and it’s not your typical temple. Here, 20000 rats reside and are worshipped by devotees. These rats, also known as “Kabbas,” are believed to be the incarnation of Karni Mata’s family members.

Legend has it that the Goddess worshipped here is the incarnation of Goddess Durga, and the temple dates back to around the 1400s. The rats here eat the offerings given by devotees, and the leftovers are offered back as prasadam. The Karni Mata Fair is a must-see event for anyone interested in experiencing this unique temple.

So pack your bags, grab your camera, book a Hotel near Salasar Balaji Temple, and get ready to experience the charm and uniqueness of these spiritual sites. Take a journey you won’t regret taking!

Brahma Temple: Pushkar, Ajmer

The Jagat Pita Brahma Temple is a true masterpiece that stands out as a symbol of divinity and faith. This temple is not just any other temple; it is the only one in the world dedicated to Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. The temple’s beauty lies in its intricate marble work and stone slabs, making it unique and sacred. As you step inside, you can feel a sense of peace and spirituality that is hard to miss. It is no wonder that this temple is popular amongst tourists worldwide who come to experience its spiritual vibe.

Other Prominent Temples in Rajasthan:

If you still have some time on your hand and want to visit  more temples, then here are some of the other famous temples in Rajasthan:

  • Eklijgiji Temple in Udaipur: A temple with a four-faced image of Lord Shiva
  • Ambika Mata temple in Jagat: A Temple dedicated to Ambika Mata, the incarnation of Goddess Durga
  • Galataji temple in Khaniya Balaji: An abode for several temples dedicated to Lord Balaji and Lord Surya
  • Mehandipur Balaji in Karauli: A Lord Hanuman temple that is known for the exorcism of Evil spirits

Wrapping Up:

It’s a treasure trove of spirituality that can elevate your soul to new heights. And what better way to connect with the divine than by visiting Rajasthan’s numerous religious sites? From the magnificent Karni Mata Temple in Bikaner, where thousands of rats are worshipped, to the stunning Salasar Dham, Rajasthan has something for everyone.