The Creator of the Fashionable Quiz App on Facebook reveals personal data of 120 million users

NameTests quizzes contained a security flaw that exposed user data

According to a report by TechCrunch, under the full names, the developer of Facebook Quiz has been found to disclose personal data of 100 million Facebook users. Behind the names, corporate, German app maker Social Sweethearts has created fashionable social quiz as “which filmmaker Blue Blood Square Measure You” and distributed them on Facebook, and it is about 200 billion monthly users on the platform. The self-described hacker Peruvian monetary unit, Delaware Schueller wrote a moderate post yesterday, however, Facebook information such as quiz names, birthdays, photos and friend lists was stored and was displayed in a very javascript file, which was easy Can be obtained by malicious third parties

Apparently, Sequella tried to contact Facebook several times this time and it was said that the corporate will investigate it. And due to the Cambridge Analyte Knowledge Privacy scandal – the number of users within which their personal information was collected, packed and sold to a third party company – the management of Facebook leak and security breaches is particularly serious scrutiny. Months later, in June, Skyler notices that neatest has modified the methods that process user knowledge to stop leakage.

Facebook says that it handled the problem through its knowledge misbehave bounty program. “A research worker brought a problem with our website through our knowledge abuse bounty program which we launch in April to encourage reports related to Facebook knowledge, which was completed in June, Who work with to solve vulnerabilities on our website.

jointly of probably several firms that had less-than-stellar security whereas in operation on Facebook’s platform, Social Sweethearts and its NameTests quizzes may be the primary in an exceeding string of under-the-radar cases that third-party auditors and security specialists bring back Facebook’s attention. Facebook aforementioned back in March, throughout the peak of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, that it’d be auditing apps on its platform to comb out knowledge abuse, and in May, Facebook aforementioned it had suspended over 200 such apps in this investigation.

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