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At Electrek, we spent countless hours conducting detailed practical tests on an electrical bicycle. After thousands of miles of cycling, we know these electric bikes from inside to outside, from top to bottom, from front to back. The dedication to testing electric bicycles in the real world helped us find the best electric bicycles in the market with almost any budget.


The following are some top electric bicycles that we have manually tested in each price range by December 2022. Now that we have entered the holiday season, there are some great deals waiting for you. One of these electric bikes may be your next set of wheels, some interesting seasonal rides!

electric XP LITE


The recently launched electric XP LITE is likely to be the latest king of cost-effective electric bicycles.


For many years, the electric XP 2.0 with a price of $999 and its previous version 1.0 have been the leader in the field of cheap electric bicycles. This is still a great bike. We will discuss it later. However, the recently released more affordable electric XP LITE of $799 is a more economical electric bike. That new electric bike is less than 800 dollars, which is very enjoyable to ride.


This is a 2-stage folding electric bicycle with accelerator. It has 20 “wheels, the maximum speed is 20 mph (32 km/h), the rated continuous power of the motor is 300W, and the peak power is 720W. It will not be the strongest climber, but it can walk quickly on flat and moderate hilly terrain.


This is the only electric bicycle equipped with 48V electrical system within the price range I know. All other cheap electric bicycles below $800 use the 36V system, so the power is weak.There are some things you give up on this model, such as fenders that do not include free ones. But for $799, you can get built-in lights, hidden batteries, a large LCD screen and portable folders. In addition, it has four colors to choose from.


Electric XP 3.0

If you like low-cost American companies, such as e-bikes, but want something more powerful than their XP LITE, you can consider the $999 e-bike XP 3.0. The XP 3.0 just released last month is the latest version of the best-selling electric bicycle XP 2.0 in the United States. In my opinion, this is the most cost-effective electric bicycle at present.


At a fast speed of 28 mph, comfortable ride with front suspension, flexible and thick three inch tires, and a powerful 1000 watt peak rated motor, the bike combines high performance with awe inspiring prices. The new version is equipped with a higher power motor with higher torque. The new rear frame can support 150 pounds (and passengers can pack and choose to carry friends), longer travel suspension, and several other key upgrades.


Ride1Up sports car V2


The price of the Ride1Up sports car V2 seems to jump back and forth between $995 and $1095, depending on the time of the year and current sales. Even if it falls north of the $1000 barrier, Roadster V2 is a great deal.


But you should know that this is a very pedal oriented electric bicycle. This car has no throttle valve, and the motor power is only medium, up to 500W. This means that Roadster V2 is most suitable for those who like to ride bicycles. They just want an auxiliary motor to help them walk faster and farther.

HittRoad electric bicycle


HittRoad is an Amazon electric bicycle, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Amazon’s e-bikes are usually cheap and fast in delivery. If you need to return an abandoned bike, Amazon will also provide support. The disadvantage is that you don’t have a long brand history and special technical support.


However, if you spend about $760 (or $610 if you add $150 Amazon coupons), many people will make a trade-off. After testing the HittRoad electric bicycle, I can say that it is a surprising electric bicycle with good price.