Ten Useful Tips for Selecting the Best School for Your Child

The school can make or break the future of your child, so choose it wisely for your child.

Choosing the right school is extremely important for your child as it sets the stage for his/her future. Children’s academic and professional success has its root in the education that children receive in the school. It helps in shaping their intelligence, creativity and temperament that are crucial factors for the overall success in life. So, parents have to be smart and choose a school that will help them grow as a responsible person with a successful professional and personal life.

Here are some tips for choosing the best school for your child:


You first need to make a questionnaire as to what kind of school will be best for your family and child, such as – does your child need any extra care or will need school bus? Will your child study in the school till he passes his boards or just for a few years since your job is transferrable? Answers to some basic questions will help you understand the kind of school you need.


School fees have skyrocketed over the recent years, and it’s no surprise that renowned schools generally have higher fee structure. Hence, you need to do the calculation to ensure that you don’t have to strain your family or stretch too much to pay the annual fees.

Child’s Needs:

A school should match your child’s personality; if the child is a slow learner then the teachers should be patient enough to support him; or if your child is a genius and a prodigy of sorts, then the school should be able to challenge him cognitively and academically to help him grow.


You need to understand the basic philosophy of the school and their approach towards teaching. Is it simply academics oriented or a mix of both academics and co-curricular for the overall development of the child.


The school should be well-maintained with up-to-date classrooms, big enough playgrounds and ample co-curricular facilities, among other factors.


Is the school affiliated to your desired board such as CBSE, ICSE, IB, etc and has desired subject combinations and electives in 11th/12th? Research about the curriculum to find out its suitability.

Qualified Staff:

It’s not the school but the teachers who guide children and hence, it’s important that the school has well-qualified teachers and staff members.


Academic performance is the key factor and for this, find out about the school’s board results, toppers, ranks in the district/state level, etc.


You will get the real picture about teachers, infrastructure, core values, etc. once you visit the school personally. So, do it.


Talk to other parents and seek suggestions to find out if the school is actually the best for your child.

So, make an informed choice for your child as the right school can make all the difference in his life. There are many good schools in Gurugram and Made Easy School is counted amongst the best schools in Gurugram that offer a great combination of highly qualified teachers, future-ready infrastructure, co-curricular options, etc. to help in the overall development of the child – physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain
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