25 Best Teen Romance Movies on Netflix

Are you still looking for a fun romance movie for the next all night party? It’s always a good idea to all the boys I used to love Or just want to watch some super sweet videos with your partner? Netflix has many romance movies for any occasion. Some of the films on this list […]


The Equalizer 2 Movie Review: Denzel Washington is one of the movie stars, more violent than film

Equalizer 2 Movie Review : Denzel Washington meets with director Antoine Fuqua for the fourth time. Equalizer 2 Movie Review: Denzel Washington proves that he is one of the last remaining film stars. Action in Equius 2 is more violent than the first movie. The problem is not that equalizer 2 connects many elements at […]


What the film shows and what it Except from the actor’s life : Sanju vs Sanjay

Sanju may be a revelation in some parts and a flashback to documented reality in others. We tend torewrite how the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer reflects Sanjay Dutt’s life. WHAT THE movie TELLS YOU regarding SANJAY DUTT that you just most likely DIDN’T understand Sunil Dutt tells Sanjay to tackle his life’s issues with the help of the […]