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Echemi | A service company for chemical suppliers

Relying on the rich chemical suppliers at home and abroad of the self-operated team for 15 years, Echemi solves the optimal allocation of global chemical suppliers through the combination of “Internet + cross-border trade”, allowing products to go abroad quickly. In line with the mission of “optimizing global chemical suppliers”, Echemi adheres to the corporate […]


There are many chemical suppliers all over the world

When you are looking for chemical suppliers, you may find a large selection of products. As a result, sometimes the options can seem overwhelming. You can find chemicals online that can help both individuals and businesses. However, finding the right chemical store is not difficult. Consider the following factors to help you find the right […]


Solutions to the challenges facing chemical suppliers

For manufacturing, the challenge is not new. However, the cowid-19 pandemic has dealt an incredible blow to manufacturers, especially those specializing in food, beverage and chemicals. Food processors are preparing for a new normal. The problems facing food and beverage manufacturers are similar to those that the industry has been solving for years, but in […]