Start An Ethereum Based DEX Platform Like Sushiswap

What is SushiSwap?
The decentralized exchange platform has been a drastic growth in recent years which has now resulted in building an Ethereum based DEX platform on the top of Ethereum blockchain. On top of that experts consider the Sushiswap DEX platform as one of the major evolution of Uniswap.

SUSHI tokens are rewarded for the ones who offer liquidity to the DEX platform. The earned token can be used to participate in the governance of the Sushiswap platform.

As Sushiswap is a community-oriented & friendly platform where N number of users offers liquidity to the liquidity pools. In return, a reward is earned for offering liquidity which is unlike the other exchange platform like Binance.

DeFi Based Protocol Like Sushiswap
The working principle of Sushiswap protocol is one of the essential feature that we want to explore. Now let us see what it is.

Protocol Design Of SushiSwap
Liquidity Providers Incentives
Liquidity providers in the Sushiswap earn trading fees for offering liquidity actively to the pool. With SushiSwap, one can also provide some liquidity into a pool and earn rewards in the form of SUSHI tokens. Sushi tokens will entitle and continue to earn as a portion of the protocol fee which will be accumulated in the name of SUSHI even though you are not an effective participant in the liquidity provision.

Token Distribution
Token distribution mechanics make it easy for the existing Uniswap liquidity providers to start getting used to the Sushiswap protocol. At each and every block 100 SUSHI tokens will be earned. Once after that, the earned tokens will be equally distributed to the stakers which supports the liquidity pools.

Reward Distribution
0.3% of the trading fees in the liquidity pools are equally distributed to the liquidity providers. In the sushiswap platform, 0.25% of trading fees directly go for the active liquidity providers. Whereas 0.05% of SUSHI converts back and distributed to the SUSHI token holders.

The Liquidity Migration
The migration of participants from the Uniswap to the Sushiswap initializes new liquidity pools. These newly formed pools will be almost identical to the standard Uniswap pool, with the added feature that any fees accrued will be distributed to SUSHI token holders.

Protocol Usage
Sushiswap protocol shares an identical interface that looks similar to the Uniswap. In other terms, if the protocol is currently compatible with uniswap it should be as simple as the Sushiswap for integration purposes.

Security Audit
Concerning security as an important factor we do unit test coverage and tests each and everything that works on the testnet. The auditing smart contract must be confirmed initially. Then a particular amount of ETH is rewarded immediately once after confirmation is done.

Sushiswap Clone Script
Sushiswap Clone Script is an Ethereum based DEX platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Our sushiswap clone script is 100% decentralized, tested, and ready to deploy with advanced robust features that offer a better solution for the ones who wish to start a Sushiswap like Decentralized Exchange platform instantly.

Our sushiswap clone script allows traders to earn passive revenue and rewards and at the same point in time, it offers liquidity to the liquidity pools.

Sushiswap Clone Software
Sushiswap Clone Software is decentralized based exchange platform which allows traders to join into the decentralized network for earning rewards and revenue for offering liquidity. As per your business requirements the smart contracts can be customized and we provide a sushiswap clone software with advanced trading features. Business freaks can grab our exclusive fully decentralized and secured smart contracts to start your exchange platform.

Sushiswap Clone App Development
Our 100% customizable clone application of sushiswap offers a versatile web application that incredibly run on the smartphones. Our Sushiswap Clone app development services offers complete freedom for customization as per your business requirements and needs.

We offer fast performing, high end trading feature which allows faster trading experience for the participants who use devices like Android, iOS. Developers in our team at SellBitBuy develops and offers sushiswap clone script along with premium features of sushiswap clone script to kick start your business by starting a sushiswap like Ethereum DEX platform which supports various mobile devices.

Advantages Of Sushiswap Clone Script
There are many highlighted advantages of starting a Decentralized exchange platform that is similar to Sushiswap.

No Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy
It allows permissionless trading which allows any traders to contribute to the liquidity pools.

Rewards offered For Liquidity Providers
An investor who contributes liquidity to the liquidity pools is earned with Sushi tokens. Token called “SUSHI” is earned for offering liquidity.

Sushiswap Model
0.25% – Profits are directly offered to the liquidity provider.
0.05% – converts back to SUSHI.

Community Revenue Share Model
Participants in the Sushiswap network works on basis of the revenue sharing AMM model.

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If you are looking forward to start a sushiswap based DEX platform then you should have a general idea about sushiswap, just take a look at it, before you get started.

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Apart from the above feature lending feature are added to this Ecosystem which works similar to the compound, aave, etc,..Also, our sushiswap clone script ensures that our lending pairs are isolated from risks and hacks. Entrepreneurs can make use of our Sushiswap Clone Script if you wish to start a platform that is similar to Sushiswap.

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