Spend Some Quality time with your Friends at the Best Cocktail Bars in Sydney CBD

26th March 2020

Who doesn’t know the importance of food, whether you’re happy and wish to celebrate a success, or you are sad and want to forget the unhappy memories, people resort to food. Food is most people’s escape. It becomes difficult to make the choice of which place to eat when you have tons of options available. From restaurants to bars, there are tons of options to choose from. When it comes to finding the best cocktail bars in Sydney CBD, we suggest you to try Abode Bistro and Bar. We are based in the heart of Sydney and have some of the best delicacies for you. We strive to fulfill people’s hunger with the best quality food. Our vision as a restaurant is to offer nothing less than yummy food for our customers to indulge in. We extend the provision for people to hire venue and caterers to events. We have an abounding area to ourselves, which makes us the right choice for your events catering starting from birthdays to corporate meetings.We are a place to connect, indulge in food and relax your senses.

Why Choose Abode Bistro Bar?

  • We have some of the best delicacies prepared for your particular taste.
  • We offer 3 venue spaces for various events.
  • Our venues boast of aesthetically pleasing space with decadent menu.
  • We are adept at hosting a gathering of anywhere from 45 people to a maximum of 180 people.

About Abode Bistro Bar:

We are a Bistro Bar set in the Central Business District of Sydney, Abode Bistro is your place to come, relax, and indulge in the delectable flavors. We understand what food is to you and hence have the best Chefs bring you the finest delicacies. It has been Abode Bistro’s vision to ensure that nothing less than the best is offered to you. We also rank amongst the best cocktail bars in Sydney CBD. With Abode Bistro, you can be assured to enjoy nothing less than the best food every time. Book with us to enjoy our yummy food and enjoy the warmth of our hospitality.

Contact Us

Address:  150 Day St, Sydney NSW 2000

Call: +61 2 9260 2945