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Shimla Manali an ideal destination for tour with loved ones

Everyone is busy in their life and trying to spend some moment with their loved ones. But due to busy schedule, they are not able to do the same. People get stressed by their daily busy routine and hard schedule. So, we are here with some amazing deals for you. These deals are providing you a luxurious tour to beautiful place. Also one can plan the same during their weekends also. Now you do not have to worry about anything during the entire trip. Plan your holiday with packages of Shimla Manali and enjoy every moment in luxurious way.

Why Shimla Manali is popular for tour

Shimla and Manali are situated in north India in Himachal Pradesh state. And everyone knows that, some part of north India is situated on foothill of Himalayas. Shimla Manali are located in the same part and offering majestic view of greater Himalayas. It is having a unique surrounding and amazing scenario that tourist love to explore. This place is less crowded and most of the landscape is covered with nature. Due to this, it is offering you refreshing environment and pleasant climate. One can spend their valuable time here with family and friends.

Places to visit in Shimla Manali

Most of people are love to visit natural sites in Shimla Manali. These sites include waterfalls, rivers, lush greenery, mountains and hills. These are the best picturesque destinations of Shimla Manali. People love to spend their whole day with this amazing scenario. Also they click amazing pictures here to remember this place forever. These are best places to spend valuable time with loved ones. Few Manmade attractions are also there that tourists love the most. These sites include temples, churches, museum, wildlife and many more. Everyday people can explore here new places.

Adventures activities in Shimla Manali

These places are also popular for amazing adventures activities. Everyone loves to experience thrilling activities during their tour. Shimla and Manali are completely enclosed with nature, so it offers various activities. Mountains activities are most popular here. One can plan these activities with group of people and individual also. Trekking, hiking, mountaineering, climbing and camping are best mountains activities. Water sports are other preferred adventures here. River rafting, boating and swimming are main in this list. Enjoy your holiday the most by planning tour to Shimla Manali with family and friends.

Travel deals for your luxurious outing

Planning your tour is also easier with the deals mentioned here. One can book these deals through Surat to Shimla Manali tour packages. These deals are inclusive of all services that are mainly required. One can easily complete their tour with the facilities included in the package. These services include accommodation, transportation, sightseeing and food. You will get all these things along with the packages of Shimla Manali. Pack your bags for this outing and enjoy your tour with loved ones.

Get best deals for your luxurious outing at best price. The packages mentioned here are available at cheapest price. Also you can book the same according to your choice and preference. One can also customize the deals according to their requirement.