Setup of Forwarding Yahoo Mail to Gmail Automatically

However, Yahoo is a very popular and trusted email service but Gmail is getting more reputation and this makes other email users switch to Gmail. Many of Yahoo Mail users also used to switching from Yahoo to Gmail account. Well, it will make them puzzled to keep the Yahoo Mail chat and contacts to switch on the Gmail account.

It is not possible to update your Gmail address to every contact. It increases the possibility of you to miss any additional communication if you are switching to Gmail from Yahoo Mail. It is not that easy to check both of the email accounts at the same time, yet you have an alternative. You also can easily forward the Yahoo mail to the Gmail account very easily and it will save you from signing in to both the accounts.

Yahoo Mail has the same features as free mail services and includes the ability to automatically and manually forward all emails to other emails. In this case, the setup of forwarding Yahoo Mail to Gmail should be correct so that you can enjoy the same experience with two email services. Yahoo users have this feature with their account that makes them capable to automatically forward the emails to some of their other accounts when they switch from Yahoo.

Forwarding Yahoo Mail to Gmail Automatically:

  • First of all, sign in with your Yahoo Mail account
  • Then, hover the mouse over the Settings menu and here you will need to choose the Settings option
  • Now, click on the Accounts option
  • Now, go down and choose the Forward option
  • And, here you need to enter your complete Gmail address as a forwarding address
  • Then, select Store and forward option and mark it as read
  • Now, just click on Verify option and then a verification email will be sent to your Gmail address
  • In the end, click on the Save option and now, your Yahoo email will be forwarded to your Gmail Address

Once you activated auto-forwarding with your Yahoo Mail account then, you need to ensure that you are verifying this detail for easy functioning of your forwarding request

  • Be sure that you’ve access to the email account which you are forwarding to
  • You are able to open the verification email which Yahoo has sent to you and you can read it
  • Be sure that you are following the instruction of email o check your account

When you are done with all these tips, then you have to go for testing it just by sending a test mail to your Yahoo mail account, the same message will then appear in your Gmail inbox too. After activating this, you can get all the emails from the Gmail account.

Receive and Send Yahoo Email from Gmail

You also can send Yahoo Email from within Gmail. It makes the most of that with just a single login. You can use Gmail to read you’re the forwarded Yahoo Email and also reply with the help of Yahoo address within the Gmail. To set it up, follow the below-given steps.

  • First of all, login to Gmail
  • Choose the cog icon that appears at the top right of the inbox
  • Now, select the Settings and the Accounts and Import tab
  • Choose Check Mail from Other Account with help of POP3
  • Select Add a POP3 Mail Account which you own
  • Add you Yahoo Email address and move ahead by choosing Next Step
  • Enter your Yahoo Email address and account passwords in the next window
  • Now, enter the POP3 server in the next window and check all the boxes apart from Archive option
  • Now, select Add account and check on yes I want t be able to use Email as…… box
  • Enter your name and then select Next Step
  • Enter the Yahoo SMTP server information in the next window
  • Select Add Account option and check your Yahoo Email for a verification email
  • Now, enter the Confirmation Code into the box in Gmail and select Verify

Your two accounts should be linked now and you can use your Yahoo Email address whenever you send email to anyone. I hope you will definitely enjoy this best feature and feeling relaxed while setting it up.