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A product of MASH Virtual, London, UK, zamit is an extremely interactive and engaging platform to help strengthen the network and active participation of the main pillars of the educational ecosystem namely “the student,” “the parents,” “The Schools,” “educationists/mentors,” as well as the “Service providers.”

zamit is aimed at promoting awareness about the ever-evolving learning methodologies, thus enhancing user engagement with active participation from all. zamit helps in spreading factually-correct information in real-time to keep them up-to-date, and in true favor of students to make them future ready.

Prime objective of zamit remains to inform, engage and work as a networking platform for the entire school community.

Users can benefit from the core functionalities, which includes verified database of nearby schools, institutes, tutors, and coaching centers. Parents can learn about these facilities in their area, read comprehensive reviews and see respective ratings via this parents helpline app.

This networking app also has exhaustive channels that can be accessed for latest news about the educational events and activities, real-time updates about new learning methodologies and advancements in the education sector, and offers innumerable skill development opportunities to students of all age groups.

To make it a fun-learning experience that alleviates stress, this app gives edutainment to students where they can enjoy and actively participate in many fun-learn activities at the time and place of their choice. Users can also earn & redeem zamit coins, and avail discounts from verified & credible members of zamit family, the supplementary service providers.

This wholesome approach towards connecting school ecosystems makes zamit one of the best apps for the school community.