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Role of beauty supply hair conditioner

Role of beauty supply hair conditioner
The use of hair conditioner can play the role of softening, antistatic, moisturizing, and conditioning. It can repair the damage caused by hair dyed by soup to a certain extent. After washing the hair with shampoo, applying a hair conditioner on the hair tail can prevent the hair from damage and restore the elasticity and softness of the hair by tightening the hair scales.
Beauty supply-Shampoo-free hair conditioner
It also includes a hair tail protector, which can prevent the hair tail from cracking and splitting, and make the hair tip look more glossy and not easy to knot.
beauty supply-Hair conditioner after dyeing
Professional shampoo and conditioner for hair dyeing can stabilize pigment particles and prevent them from losing quickly
Beauty supply-Perm conditioner
After using the special shampoo for perm, with its fixed curl conditioner, the curl can be maintained longer and the hair will be brighter. In addition, after wiping the hair and before styling, apply the rinse-free curly hair conditioner to make the hair more moist and moist.
Beauty supply-Special hair conditioner
Keep hair naturally balanced and moist, help to keep hair moisture, reduce static electricity and increase luster. The protective film can also be produced when the hair is thermally shaped, which is especially suitable for fine and soft long hair., But it is best to use it under the guidance of a professional beautician
Beauty supply hair conditioner, also known as moisturizing, is generally used in pairs with shampoo. After shampooing, apply a proper amount of hair conditioner evenly on the hair, gently rub it for about one minute, and then rinse it with clean water. Therefore, it is also called a rinse hair conditioner, which belongs to hair cosmetics.
Ingredients of beauty supply hair conditioner
mainly composed of surfactant, auxiliary surfactant, cationic conditioner, fat increasing agent, oil, integrating agent, preservative, pigment, essence, and other active ingredients. Among them, surfactant mainly plays the role of emulsification, antistatic, and anti-grape, the auxiliary surfactant can assist emulsification, and cationic conditioner can play the role of softening, antistatic, moisturizing, and conditioning hair; Fatliquoring agents such as lanolin, olive oil, and silicone oil can improve the nutritional status of hair in the hair conditioner, make the hair bright and easy to comb, and other active ingredients such as dandruff removal, moisture, sun protection, vitamins, hydrolyzed protein, plant extract, etc. can endow the hair conditioner with various functions.