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Restructure your customer service infrastructure with Knowlarity’s Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

December 25, 2022/New Delhi/PRNews/ Knowlarity, India’s leading cloud-based business communication solution provider, helps businesses build brand credibility and improve customer experiences. Cloud call centers, virtual phone numbers, IVR systems, and toll-free number service are some of the most common cloud telephony solutions that enable organizations to expedite communication. Knowlarity’s smart cloud-based solution helps companies integrate their communication and makes it easy for customers to connect and converse globally.

Empowered with powerful cloud telephony features Knowlarity’s cloud call center solution is cost effective, flexible, and meets customers’ expectations of multichannel engagement through Universal CRM Integration. Additionally, investing in a cloud-based communications platform for contact centers gives the sales and support teams the flexibility to work remotely. Consumers, being technology-driven, expect a faster resolution of their issues and a better experience. This in turn urges the need for a cloud contact center, a new and agile operating model for customer interactions.

Built for agile teams, Knowlarity’s contact center is a cloud-hosted solution that allows businesses to launch a feature packed call center solution within minutes. Imbibed with features like instant online availability, business call management on the cloud, remote team setup, CRM integration, report analytics for agent’s performance insights, and minimal investment with no capex, a cloud contact center efficiently manages inbound and outbound calls. Integrated with an IVR system, cloud center solutions streamline the process of routing incoming calls to the appropriate agents. These also serve as virtual receptionists, connecting callers with agents via interactive voice response (IVR) menus based on their inputs, thus automating business call management and lowering consumer on-hold times.

Knowlarity’s cloud-based call center technology is the bedrock for companies looking to restructure their contact centers. The topmost customer communication challenge is the ability to improve the speed of response to customer inquiries, and Cloud Contact Center is becoming an accepted technology to bridge the gap. Knowlarity’s Contact Center Solution, engulfed with cloud telephony technology and advanced call management, is one of the best call center softwares in India. Proven to be a smart business choice it is featured with live call transfer, call masking, click to call facility, reporting analytics, call recording, multi-level IVR, call queueing and more.

About Knowlarity:

Knowlarity enables automated communication by allowing operators to work online via the cloud. It allows businesses to work on an effective communication network via cloud solutions such as click-to-call, number masking, multi-level IVR systems, toll-free numbers, progressive dialers, and more. Knowlarity has the ability to empower your teams with virtual working solutions to ensure business operations aren’t affected by enabling working from anywhere. For more information, please visit