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RAD Studio 11.3 is Now Available!

February 27, 2023 — Embarcadero is pleased to announce the release of RAD Studio 11 Alexandria Release 3. This release is focused on quality and improvements based on the great new features of the previous releases.

RAD Studio 11.3 includes support for new versions of several operating systems, adds a new ToolsAPI to the RAD Studio IDE, introduces a new Biometric Authentication component for mobile platforms, and a few other features and enhancements.

The core focus of this release has been on quality in terms of usability, performance and stability, as requested by our customers. The quality improvements encompass all product areas, with a specific focus on Delphi Code Insight using Delphi LSP, the High DPI IDE introduced in 11.0, and VCL styles. There are notable enhancements in the compilers and toolchains, the Delphi and C++ RTL, VCL, FireMonkey, FireDAC and other database libraries, Internet access and services, including both the Delphi and the C++Builder personalities.

It’s also worth noticing that RAD Studio now ships with the recently released InterBase 2020 Update 4 Developer edition and IBLite/ToGo edition.

Platform and Toolchain Changes

RAD Studio 11.3 offers official support for iOS 16 (for Delphi only), Android 13, and macOS Ventura. Additionally, it includes Ubuntu 22 LTS and Windows Server 2022 in the official applications target platforms.

There are a few other notable changes in our toolchain:

– A new debugger based on LLDB for macOS Intel and Android 32-bit.

– A new notarization process for macOS, which Apple introduced starting with XCode 14.

– The Windows signing support in the IDE now includes the time stamping of MSIX files.

– Using a library suffix of $(Auto) now works for C++ projects.

Code Editor

The IDE code editor now has the ability to highlight matching words. This release also brings a new ToolsAPI for painting in the code editor.

Code Insight and DelphiLSP

Delphi Code Insight through DelphiLSP sees very significant quality improvements that make Code Insight features faster and more reliable, including with large applications. These include code completion, Help Insight, and navigation, with a strong focus on overall reliability, as well as providing completion or navigation results in areas where they were not previously provided. In addition, the Delphi compiler now stores XmlDoc in a compiled DCU, meaning HelpInsight can display information in many areas where it previously did not. Find more at .

Product trials for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 11.3 are now available and the updated product builds are live in the online store. We are very happy with the quality work our team did for RAD 11.3 and we are certain you’ll equally enjoy using this new version of RAD Studio, C++Builder, and Delphi.